Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Today was sick. Kanye dropped. Me and my man J.A.M.E.S hit Lincoln Center to promote and distribute J.A.M.E.S' new ish at the Kanye album signing.... the masses were very receptive.....

Since Jay-Z likes his new Executive job sooo much....maybe he'll sign J.A.M.E.S ?

I need to hit the VMAs next year. If he can do it, maybe I can get with Mariah Carey too !

Sean Price. Monkey Bars. (One of the best albums of the summer.) Peep this video.....Raw Uncut Grimey Rap at its finest.

Shoot first ask questions last, but is Suge Knight asking why he shot himself?

Speaking of shooting....since we're spending sooo much money shooting and killing in Iraq....we forgot to save money for..hmm...KILLER HURRICANES ! Damn Bush...people are pissed off !

I guess Mr. Hutchinson's question was answered.....Mr. Sharpton is the Black Cindy Sheehan.

Enough for now....bout to listen to this new Kanye and this hot Kanye remix..

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Iraq. Afghanistan. The Middle East. Death. Ignorance. Destruction. Peep this site for a powerful visual of ''coalition'' fatalities. The sh*t is serious.

It is getting messier and messier as the days go by in Iraq. Even American journalists can get popped. (By the U.S !)

Speaking of getting popped.....maybe this guy popped Suge Knight in Miami ?

Mr. Hutchinson come there are no Black Cindy Sheehan's ? Good Question !

In order to avoid war with Venezuela, Rev. Jesse Jackson dropped by to ease tensions and chill with Hugo Chavez. ( To some....... modern-day Che.)

It's time for Affirmative Action. The war is over ! Nas and (one of my favorites) Cormega SQUASH their BEEF. Wow. Can we get a colabo?

Thursday, August 25, 2005


I'm sorry.....but I don't understand the hype and hoorah surrounding "the boy" Young Jeezy (Cheezy). Call me a hater..but Jeeezy's horrible, whack, etc..... He has no depth or personality(besides his word for word instructions on how to ''hussle'' crack). If you don't believe this article.

Speaking of hate.....I bet Mos Def's' wife' hates him too !!!!!

And....These Pro-Bush Supporters say the ''enemy'' we are fighting in Iraq knocked down the WTC ! Don't you hate that ignorant sh*t !!!

In closing, I also hate how this poor Brazilian man was executed by British police....apparently for.... no reason. WHOOPS !!!