Sunday, October 30, 2005


I get the shooters shootin' Posted by Picasa

Haven't posted in a week....commuting to graduate school consumes too much energy.

Jay-z + Nas = Hope. I witnessed this hip-hop milestone in NJ this week.....priceless.

Another detrimental week for the Bush administration. First it was Harriet...then Scooter....what's next ?

Its Halloween! Pay attention to those scarecrows....they may be real.

So,CAMRON got shot?(we knew this was coming).... listen to him talk sh*t about the shooting.

Sly Stallone is making another Rocky movie?...and the man(Antonio Tarver) that knocked out Roy Jones will be his nemisis.

This week...Nas' Protege, QUAN, got arrested, THE GAME got arrested, last week was Sticky.

HEY... the nerve of people to prejudge and stereotype rappers....

Sunday, October 23, 2005


We Major? Posted by Picasa
Wow. This new Dirty Harry/Nas mixtape, Living Legends is HOT! Listen for free !

Nas is making moves....considering he's probably going to be "Major" at Def Jam soon.

I WILL EAT YOUR DOLLARS? (My People) These Nigerian scammers are serious....

Bill Cosby is touring an inner-city near you. His latest stop....Compton.

Young Jeezy makes the hustlers and his baby mama go crazy ?

Do you plan on getting locked-up? Anti-War Mom, Cindy Sheehan, plans on getting arrested again.

50 Cent has beef with Samuel L. Jackson and possibly......Dr. DRE ???????

Is it possible that a majority of Iraqis support the insurgency and are against the occupation?

Invisible African Holocaust. Over 100,000 deaths since the beginning of genocide in Darfur.

Bush's Supreme Court Nominee, Harriet Miers', nomination may be over before it started.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Y'all haters are Emotional.... Posted by Picasa

Don't you understand ? We are witnessing the end of an era with respect to music and government.

It's All Over....indeed.....New track that I'm feeling from Jin (The Emcee) off of "Emcee's Properganda."

So, The Source (Sauce) magazine really put the nail in their own coffin this week.

Also, in accordance with my last post about the fledgling Bush government...there will be few survivors.

Locked Up? Former GOP House Majority Leader, Tom Delay, has a warrant for his ARREST!

The federal investigation of the White House/CIA leak is coming to a close this week.

Who will be indicted? Karl Rove? Dick Cheney? or Scooter Libby? Someone is going down soon?

Wouldn't it be funny if Bush was left alone to run the country....Chris Matthews explains how this may become a reality in the next few weeks. (Remember where you heard it first.)

Then again, maybe there's not so much to get excited about.

So now that the Republican vice grip on our government weakening.....back to the hip-hop.

Recently, the Source magazine released a new issue attacking 50 Cent and G-Unit.

The Source claims they are still an "objective" publication, but Chris Lighty and others beg to differ.

They also published a story concerning Hot 97's Payola scandal and Funk Flex aired them out !

Nas to join forces with Jay-Z at Def Jam? Finally....

Saddam Hussein is going out blasting like Scarface. He fought security at his trial...and won.

In closing, Bush Supporters Don't Care About Kanye West !

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I think we have a problem Houston.... Posted by Picasa

Game Over. It seems as if Bush and friends' time may be running out......

Rove and Libby may be indicted soon....Bush's fledgling ''mandate'' is defunct...and Miers is a bust!

Well, I know Foxy Brown was signed to Def Jam.....but now she's really deaf ?

Viva la Revolucion ! This weekend Farrakhan blasted Bush and called for unity to overcome oppression.

Though it was the Millions MORE march...few faces were non-Black and were gays snubbed at the March?

Great interview with the eclectic Star from Power 105.1's Star and Bucwild morning show.

THE WHITE RACE....NASCAR. America loves NASCAR because its not Black ???

The media finally figured out what Young Jeezy's snowman stands for. Hell.. Why not ban the t-shirts all together?

The complete footage of the N.Orleans police beating and Neo-Nazi marches in Ohio? (WTF?)

Seems as if 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Trying will definitely be a box-office smash.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Hate It Or Love It. Posted by Picasa

This weekend marks the historic anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington D.C.

In addition, it also marks the launch of the more inclusive Millions More Movement.

Farrakhan. It's easy to hate him or love him. Here's one view of the new movement.

Speaking of change, new evidence suggests there may be a change in Senate leadership.

Michael Jackson = Def Jam ?!?

It looks like there might finally be some positive change in Liberia.

Forget about Kanye. People in the Caribbean think, "Bush Hates Black People." Seriously.

Murder Inc + Fed Investigation = Jail Time

Monday, October 10, 2005


Drunken N.Orleans native being manhandled by police.

This world can be so depressing at times........

The police in New Orleans must be under alot of pressure....if they're knocking people out for no reason.

In addition, we are living in an age of endless catastrophes. Pakistan is in serious need of help.

WSWS poses the question, if Washington can't handle can Pakistan handle this ?

Well, at least these Sudanese rebels are compassionate towards peacekeepers. (sort 0f)

This brave little 9- year old has cajones. Yet, these youngsters in Africa are brave as well.

Art is powerful. Check BlackCommentator's artistic depiction of Bill Bennett.

Also, this artist joins the growing notion that Google will soon take over the world.

Its official. 50 Cent's lyrics are too violent according to.....Lil Kim?

The world is too crazy.....Can It Be That It Was All So Simple?

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Malcolm Def ? Mos X?... oh it's Mos Def Posted by Picasa

While the media begins to lose focus on the Katrina aftermath....
Mighty Mos reminds us.

I guess its hard to focus on a
''third world'' disaster with Black ''castaways'' when the Age of Chaos has begun !

I get very confused when I hear about the
Plame/Rove/CIA/Judy Miller/NY Times scandal.

But, it seems as if NY Times reporter, Miller, may've spent time in the
joint for no reason, helped to promote pre-Iraq war intelligence, and cover up White House cabinet mishaps...

Not saying that this is all true.......that's just
what I heard..........and the way it seems.

The Daliy Show's Jon Stewart does a
better job summarizing the Milller Drama then I do.

Also, review of the Lauryn Hill ''concert'' I went to in Central Park.(via HIPHOPMUSIC)

IGNORANCE....Killa Cam's killing everybody in his own extra grimy movie trailer. (via Spine) Dipset B*tch!

Plus, Beanie Sigel to sign to G-Unit ? (scroll to bottom of page for article.)

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Please take it back to N-E-W Jerz.....
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Jersey is bubbling... in addition to the fact that J.A.M.E.S has embarked on his conquest for NJ hip-hop domination.

The normally defunct Joe Buddens has been spewing some fire lately.

Maybe hip-hop can return to the Naughtyby Nature era when NJ had it on smash.

Serious and R U in the Mood Yet are two dope Joe Budden tracks. Hey, J.AM.E.S and Buddens already collabo'd ?

With respect to Jerz, it looks like NJ rap veteran, Redman, might have probs w/ Mr. Meth.

Plus, now that Lauryn is back to normal (sort of) the Fugees are coming back as well.

So, Lauryn is performing in Central Park today...and these J. Period mixtapes are serious.

F**k the haters, according to 50 Cent that is. Emotional(produced by Pete Rock) is fire......

Sorry, no political blogging today. Until next time.....

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


You talking to me? Posted by Picasa

Brilliant. Magnificent. That's what I have to say about this video. DICK Cheney...."Scarface" style?

Jay-Z is going to war. It looks like Game and Jim Jones will become casualties on the 27th.

In preparation for Battle, Game, will be growing an Afro as well ?

In addition, a prerequesite to being a Black R&B star is to be illiterate. Just ask Fantasia & R.Kelly.

Delay indicted twice. Ouch. The GOP are fighting amongst themselves about the problem child.

I really don't have much to say about bush's Supreme Court nominee. Harriet Miers.

Maybe because noone knows who she is or what she's about. But, the far-right are very pissed.

What else, Iraq war violence. Bush support slipping. Katrina victims screwed.

Well, at least our Federal funding priorities were in place. We wouldn't spend 500 grand on BS.

Till next time.................