Thursday, June 29, 2006


Hustler Musik is Fire....I'm Late.... Posted by Picasa

Things are starting to happen very fast this summer.[by the way] to you haters....I got my DEGREE bitches!!!!! [ Suck on that]

Anyway, the Supreme Court decided that the internment camps at Guantanamo are illegal...but will the prisoners get FREE? I don't think so....

Are these secret detention camps really helping in the fight against terror? Some beg to differ...

Speaking of free, Lil' Kim will be released from prison this week..Dj Quick is going to jail this week, but I still think this guy should be in PRISON.

50 Cent is a beast..look at what good Photoshop work can do to THE

Oh, I almost the Dark Man is going under the bing as well.....and these are the guys we look up to????

Going to prison is real real might wake up with a LIGHT BULB UP YOUR ASS! (no

So, if you get caught stealing liks during the KATRINA'll do more time than murderers???

I've never been much of a Lil' Wayne (maybe it's my inherent anti-South/East Coast rap mentality), but after hearing Hustler Musik....I'm sorry, but this ish is pretty dope.....


Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Is it cliche to say End the Iraq War? Posted by Picasa

Quick Post........

Would you ever believe that Karl Rove and the Bush admin could spin the Sen. Iraq withdrawal vote in its favor? WTF?

If you are not bumping Shameless Promotion in your tape d.....Ipods....MP3 got issues.

Speaking of issues, Freddie Foxx recently vented(as usual) about his problems with the rap game.

Is the stereotype that Chinese kids do better in school true? This article may have answer......

Crackheads Gone Wild?
What you know about that? lol.....

It's becoming harder and harder to be an older brother. First, they said older bros. are more intellignent. Now scientists say that younger brothers are more likely to be GAY as well. Wow.......

Yung Joc is for real.....first he had Tom Cruise doing the Pat's next?

Sunday, June 25, 2006


What the F*ck More Can He Say? Posted by Picasa

Too many things happening to list them all, however June 25 was a glorious evening at the Nokia Theater. Jay-Z performed Reasonable Doubt from back to front in front of a sold out crowd accompanied by Just Blaze, ?uestlove, and his orchestra? So what, tonight's performance will have Foxy, Beyonce, Mary J. et al...last night's very small venue (and super close-front row seats, or standing)was classic. In response to XXL's YN, yes you did miss alot after you left....Jay held an "Overtime Session". In short, Jay and his eternal hypeman(Bleek) performed countless hits (e.g Encore, Where I'm From, Streets Is Watching, What More Can I Say et al.)

However, the highlight of the night was Jay-Z's updated version of Reasonable Doubt's Twenty-Two 2's (Forty-Four fours) was classic. I was very impressed...... Til next time.....

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Shameless Promotion is a classic....gotdamn! Posted by Picasa

No, I haven't fallen off of the face of the Earth.....not yet at least.....

He's back....our man J.A.M.E.S has released his new banger, "Shameless Promotion." The prolific MC/Producer's new mixtape has plenty of heat needed to aid his quest to transcend the mindless automatons currently receiving praise in the industry.

Though the entire piece is classic....make sure to check out:

Little Jimmy

Wish You Were Here

Dream On(rmx)

In addition, the ' Shameless' skit by "Young Generic" 'got the internet going nuts' as well. Sh*t is!

Young Generic Speaks

More news......politics.....hip-hop....commentary....coming soon.....sorry, but must finish school pronto.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Can listening to Dipset member, 40 Cal make you want to commit MURDA? Posted by Picasa

Numerous sources continue to assert the notion that the 2004 Election was stolen.....however my cynicism has become so overbearing that I pose the question.... if it's true .....does it even matter anymore? If this is true, what are ordinary American citizens prepared to do about it? WTF?

For all of you poor, miserable souls that missed the "Save the Rhinos" concert....epic footage Rakim + Common freestyling together...

Is it possible that listening to Dipset's '40 Cal' will make you kill with a '40 Caliber' gun??? Apparently, tis true.....

Say what you want about MTV's 'Fight Klub; but this is getting

Shouts to Bernard Hopkins for serving Antonio Tarver a well-deserved beating....the nerve of that guy to come out to bit*h ass Yung Joc's "It's Going Down" went

Killa Cam'ron's new publication "Platinum Entrepeneur" looks pretty good....will this be the new version of The Source .vs. Shady/Aftermath? I hope not.....

Jay-Z is retired right? However, after looking at this new XXL magazine cover....I beg to differ...

As the world becomes bloodier and bloodier....the murder rate in the States increases......

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Common, Rakim, et al did more than help Save the Rhinos...they worked to Save Hip Hop....
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'The God' Rakim showed NYC how to rhyme.... Posted by Picasa

Styles P. performing "Locked Up"Posted by Picasa

Though I normally rant and rave about the recent shortcomings of the "rap game" I was delighted to witness the beauty of Marc Ecko's 'Save the Rhino" concert. Notwithstanding the fact I missed Lupe and Rhymefest....Rakim, Styles P., and Ras Kass tore down the Summer Stage in Central Park Thursday evening. Aided by DJ Kid Kapri, Rakim wetted the insatiable appetites of his adourned fans...and he delivered. "The God MC performed 'I Ain't No Joke', 'Paid In Full', 'Follow the Leader' as well as a myriad of his other hits, accompanied by uncanny freestyles proved that 'The God" is still the premier MC in the game. Hell, he even brought out Styles P. to express his appreciation for grimey NYC hip-hop.

At the close of Rakim's set, Ras Kass held the crowd down with his captivating free styling ability. However, the headliner,COMMON, stole the show. Apparently, his most recent affiliation with Mr.West and G.O.O.D music has made an ominous influence upon his stage presence. From performing numerous album cuts from Be to vintage Common Sense hits like 'I Use to Love H.E.R', Com really gave NYC hip-hop heads what they wanted.( and what they needed as well.)

At one point Common had a freestyle session with Rakim, grinded with a random "black queen" to 'Bump n Grind', and broke a drumstick while spazzing out during a performance with his extremely talented band(including DJ Dummy.) With that said, Common et al. definitely made Marc Ecko's Save The Rhinos concert a night to remember. Hip-Hop Is Still Alive.

Now that I'm $40 in the hole from the Ecko concert, how the hell am I going to pay $100 to $1000 to see Jay-Z perform at Radio City!

Conversely, it's not a good look for Mr.R Kelly because.....his SEX TAPE will be shown in court....OUCH!

You must be pretty damn gangster if you're still alive after two 500 LB BOMBS hit your house...Move over Scarface..

According to relatives of Dr. Martin Luther King, " I'm rich BIT*H!!!!!"

You know things are bad when the high school class president/star athlete can't attend graduation because the BLOODS are trying to KILL him! WTF?

New joint from Jaheim feat. Ghost and Talib......

Until next time........

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Arf! Arf!.."I can't fu*k with you cat ass nig*az!!!" Posted by Picasa

Belly to [Sniffing]Blow: DMX has definitely lost (more of) his marbles...WATCH the Dark Man X the way[this interview is classic]

Talk about Master P. all you went...though his music has REALLY sucked for the past few years... if he pulls this off....he might be the quintessential marketing genius.

GOP supporters believe that George Bush's anti-gay marriage amendment "isn't harsh enough." WTF Georgie?

Then again, the Vatican believes that gay marriage, lesbians, etc are signs predicting the "ECLIPSE OF GOD"! The end must really be

Do you believe in God? Will he save you if you jumped into a lion's man believed so.....

Now I understand....this is what it means to be a 'Black man '..don't forget it means this and this

If Yung Joc crashed my high school prom....I would beat the sh*t out of him...."it's not going down bit*h!"

In closing the question I've yet to have answered remains....'Is Hip-Hop Dead?'

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Yung Joc: "It's going down....right?" Posted by Picasa

Shouts to "Big R" from for the link and mention of Nonfictional Fantasies!

With that said,Tony Yayo & Co..most likely assassinated Busta Rhymes' bodyguard(yeah I said it bit*h) so....
Start Snitchin or Your Dyin'

Speaking of assassination....someone needs to assassinate Yung Joc's career.....Puffy should be ashamed to support such trash on the mic....Biggie is definitely rolling over in his grave over this sh*t.

Seriously, how many Youngs can there be?(Young[Jay-Z)Young Chris, Young Jeezy, Yung Joc, Young Buck, Young Dro,Young MC...what's next Young Generic?)

Will unyielding racism mar the 2006 World Cup? It looks like it may....................

Marc Ecko owns Avirex, Complex Mag,Ecko Unltd., G-Unit Clothing....why not own The Source!

Though U.S troops have been acquitted of wrongdoing in the Ishaqi massacre in Iraq.....sentiments of a military cover-up are echoing globally....

Additionally, view tragic, horrid, and
VERY GRAPHIC pix of Iraqi victims from March 06's Ishaqi massacre in Iraq.

This is war is too depressing...maybe if I was a soldier I'd go AWOL if troops were kicking decapitated I
raqi heads like soccer balls! WTF!

A damning biblical omen to all popular Black rappers (+ Eminem) portayed in!

Wack rappers get superficial shine, the youth isn't idealistic enough[I repeat] to implement social change in America....this is a travesty....this is a'm out.....

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Dedicated to one of the best hip-hop journalists of all time. R.I.PPosted by Picasa

In one of my earlier posts, I was elated about the return of New Jersey native, D.Ellis' hip-hop site, I am a huge fan of his writing and have been following his commentary since I was in high school in 1998. From his previous websites to he displayed keen insight and witty reporting on hip-hop culture while representing New Jersey to the fullest. Unfortunately, I've come to the realization that he has passed away. Ellis was a pioneer in the development of online hip hop sites and his candid commentary will be greatly missed.
R.I.P. D. Ellis

Conversely, I have yet to receive the reply to my inquiry. Where have all the damn Anti-War protestors gone? Where they be at?

This is not a rhetorical question. Who was the WORST president ever?

This is what I like to Boot Camp Click joint, Trading Places.

Bush.v.Gore II: Watch Jack Cafferty lambast the new Congressional proposal for Federal Voter IDs in order to vote! Wow.....

Equal Rights for all? New York's highest court mulls over the Gay Marriage debacle....

Peep the new Pharell ft. Kanye West video for "Number One" It's different...I'll leave it at that...

Public Service Announcement: "J.A.M.E.S WATTS' new mixtape is coming soon....please don't kill yourself....peep these snippets to hold you over until Shameless Promotion drops...Sheezs

R.I.P J. Thompson, D.Ellis, and all other fallen soldiers.....peace.