Saturday, June 10, 2006

Styles P. performing "Locked Up"Posted by Picasa

Though I normally rant and rave about the recent shortcomings of the "rap game" I was delighted to witness the beauty of Marc Ecko's 'Save the Rhino" concert. Notwithstanding the fact I missed Lupe and Rhymefest....Rakim, Styles P., and Ras Kass tore down the Summer Stage in Central Park Thursday evening. Aided by DJ Kid Kapri, Rakim wetted the insatiable appetites of his adourned fans...and he delivered. "The God MC performed 'I Ain't No Joke', 'Paid In Full', 'Follow the Leader' as well as a myriad of his other hits, accompanied by uncanny freestyles proved that 'The God" is still the premier MC in the game. Hell, he even brought out Styles P. to express his appreciation for grimey NYC hip-hop.

At the close of Rakim's set, Ras Kass held the crowd down with his captivating free styling ability. However, the headliner,COMMON, stole the show. Apparently, his most recent affiliation with Mr.West and G.O.O.D music has made an ominous influence upon his stage presence. From performing numerous album cuts from Be to vintage Common Sense hits like 'I Use to Love H.E.R', Com really gave NYC hip-hop heads what they wanted.( and what they needed as well.)

At one point Common had a freestyle session with Rakim, grinded with a random "black queen" to 'Bump n Grind', and broke a drumstick while spazzing out during a performance with his extremely talented band(including DJ Dummy.) With that said, Common et al. definitely made Marc Ecko's Save The Rhinos concert a night to remember. Hip-Hop Is Still Alive.

Now that I'm $40 in the hole from the Ecko concert, how the hell am I going to pay $100 to $1000 to see Jay-Z perform at Radio City!

Conversely, it's not a good look for Mr.R Kelly because.....his SEX TAPE will be shown in court....OUCH!

You must be pretty damn gangster if you're still alive after two 500 LB BOMBS hit your house...Move over Scarface..

According to relatives of Dr. Martin Luther King, " I'm rich BIT*H!!!!!"

You know things are bad when the high school class president/star athlete can't attend graduation because the BLOODS are trying to KILL him! WTF?

New joint from Jaheim feat. Ghost and Talib......

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Captain Skotch said...

i love that song whats the name of it? i'm sure i can figure it out if you don't get back to me. wish i could have been at the "Save the Rhino" concert....