Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Step up your chancleta game B! Posted by Picasa

With respect to Big L,Tupac, Jay-Z, Soulja Slim, Freaky Tah, et really is LEGAL to kill rappers.

Apparently, Cam'ron's weak attack against Hov wasn't enough.......Cam vs. Jay-Z Dis Pt.2.....doesn't sound so good Cam...Birdgang Bit*h Ay !!!!

"YOU JUST CAN'T WIN!"....this week's Haditha scandal and relentless carnage may be the tipping point for the "war on terror".

If everyone is so Anti-War.....then how come noone is protesting anymore????

Is it really true that Black and Hispanic students find school more difficult than their White counterparts? Why?

To all faithful are you to your girlfriend? Do you ever cheat? Would you CUT OFF your PENIS to prove your fidelity?

Political power should be shared amongst the entire populace....even pedophiles should get to form a political party??? That's democracy right???

Stop Snitchin': From the genius author of Queens Reigns Supreme, Ethan Brown will venture into the realm of snitching in his new book, Snitch.....

Multiplatinum plaques, Porn Video Awards, beef with D-Block, Terror Squad, et al... Lloyd Banks explains his take on life and his sophomore LP, Rotten Apple.

R. Kelly
....pedophilia...urination....getting maced by the Roc.....Trapped in the fraud? WTF?

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


What can really be done to stop 'genocide' in Sudan? Posted by Picasa

Maybe the peace accord signed in Darfur wasn't so secure after all.

Mass Murders + Marines in Iraq = One of the worst WAR CRIMES 'since the Iraq invasion'.

G-Unit party + Guns= Paralyzed Teenager....Why is there perpetal violence at EVERY hip-hop related event?

1st) E-Z Pass. 2nd) Bush & NSA tap phones. 3rd) U.S Parents are secretly tracking their teenagers via GPS! (Drive Slow.....)

For all of you latecomers.....Raekwon is headed to Aftermath Records!

Damn, even Gilbert Arenas was arrested among 557 others in Miami! wow!

Watch Loon(though he sounds like a drunken crackhead) 'expose' Mase, claim his Crip set, and speak on NYC rappers..

Internet Thugs.....Rappers putting diss tracks on comment...this says it all....


Saturday, May 27, 2006


"My blog is impetuous. Nonfixfantasies is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious .I want to eat your children. Praise due to Allah. "Posted by Picasa

Wow...I've heard of c*ckblockers, playerhaters, but BLOGGERHATERS? It's Crazy...that's the "truth".

Beanie Sigel made "The Truth"....but is Sig lying about his recent "botched robbery/shooting"?

Lupe Fiasco's album has officially been pushed back....meanwhile listen to the 'Touch the Sky' mixtape OR see him here!

Lupe...Muslim rappers....Muslim terrorists...what about a Muslim Congressman?

If you are a peaceful gay rights activitst...don't march for equality in Moscow... you might catch a beating......

Vietnam Pt.2: Apparently, U.S soldiers have killed UNARMED Iraqi!

Considering my most recent endeavors in this test 'racist'? Some beg to differ? What do you think?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


"Inmate number 121,994,048 LOCK IN!" (gunshot..) Posted by Picasa

"The Prison Game".....Over more than 1000 new inmates enter U.S jails.......weekly?!?

I need to watch more MTV...check Kanye's "Drive Slow"

First someone gets killed outside my part-time job, now someone gets killed at one of my favorite NYC lounges. What part of the game is that?

The rapper, Game, doesn't just engage in tough talk....he "knuckles up" for real......

Hey G-Unit haters....ASCAP dubbed 50 Cent as the Songwriter of the you like them apples!

Same sh*t different story: Another newspaper comic strip incites violence in Iran....

Then again a comic isn't the only reason Iranians chose to burn down the country.........

The immigration debate in the U.S is controversial enough so...what's wrong with the
English-Only Amendment.....

Au revoir.....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Posted by Picasa
Not much to discuss today......just posting to keep up with the haters.....

Jay-Z + Roots= Suprise performance last night at Radio City in NYC.....I wish I was there!

Countdown to prosecution for Rove? Time might be winding down for Karl Rove's indictment...

Speaking of countdowns... due remember J.A.M.E.S WATTS' epic mixtape Shameless Promotion Vol. 1 coming soon !

Sen. John McCain received a dismal reception from New School U. students in NYC and this student had the balls to call him out to his!

You can call this gawdy, misguided, troublesome, horrendous, or FLOSSIN' nig*a!!!!!!!!!! (...Shyea my whip the same color as Cheetos!)

Don't talk bad about Bill Cosby....The 68-year-old Cosby jumped off stage to chase after a heckler at one of his recent public discussions!.....Bill Cosby = Gangsta!

With respect to my most recent career, I can attest to this statement.......

Considering Mobb Deep's dismal record sales....does this mean that they sold out?


Monday, May 22, 2006


Is Hip-Hop Dead?
Posted by Picasa

I know Hip-Hop continues to dwindle and devolve...but how do guys like this
get signed? Is this future?

This guy, Aries Spears, does an excellent impersonation of your favorite rappers.(i.e DMX, Jay-Z,etc.)

Nowadays you find crazy things on the web, but WTF is this!

Just as the Democrats prepare to retake the House from the Republican Vanguard....this dude is fu**ing up!

Jimmy Jones "talks tough and cuz he does tough things!" Apparently, so do fans at his shows.......

NOW I understand why the RICH always get richer........

Excuse me....Secretary Rice....please Get The Fu*k Outta Here!!!

Don't ask me why Costa Rica is having problems maintaing's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

Good News? Sudanese government finally allows U.N Envoys to enter the region...Will there be peace?

Farewell until next time...the real rap comes at 'Halftime'..

Friday, May 19, 2006


Eat your veggies wanksta!!! Posted by Picasa

Apparently, if you are Black and plan on attending the 06' Olympics in Germany....protect ya neck!

However, on the contrary, Leave Africa for Europe or Die Tryin'.

"Be healthy because Fast Food and soda ain't gangsta nig*a!!!" - 50 Cent

If you thought the aforementioned post was odd, Fifty visited a French dragqueen talk show?

So, the lame duck president supports the "no-homo" legislation banning Gay Cafferty's diatribe regarding the proposal.

Nas' Def-Jam debut, 'Hip-Hop is Dead', to drop in the September 06'.

Jersey Native [often described as a disappointer] jumpoff, Joe Budden will[finally] drop The Growth in October 06'

So, George Bush Jr. can't really be tied to the Nazi party....can he?

Hmm...D-Block call 50 Cent a snitch, but a Paris Hilton joint featuring Jadakiss?....maybe Jada's the bitc*h?

Watch the Da Vinci Code....NBA Playoffs....and your boy graduate..... PEACE..

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Well...I've posted twice in the past five days.....I guess I'm on a roll?

With Cam'ron's debut of Killa Season, some are profiling Cam's most "ridiculous outfits." Maybe people should get off of his balls.....(no mo')

Conversely, Cosby told Black females at the Spelman U. graduation to "take charge" because ALL Black men are locked up. Ouch! Is he right?

The U.S Justice dept. finally released a clip of planes hitting the Pentagon on 9/11. Maybe this will dispel the conspiracy theories?

New joint from Kanye West, "Grammy Family" could've been better Kanye.

Young Zee of the Outsidaz got shanked[literally] outside of an Ice Cube concert in NY. Get Well Soon.

Not Snitchin' Stop Lyin'
. Verizon denies complying with the Feds in the NSA wiretapping fiasco..

Speaking of shanks and NJ, apparently ruthless gangs like MS-13 are spreading to the....suburbs?

These gangs might be ruthless indeed, but this is
just cruel.....

In light of Mobb Deep's new[but questionable] G-Unit produced album,
Blood Money, peep vintage footage from the Infamous Mobb...

In closing, the return of the most INCONSISTENT (looks who's talking) albeit one of my favorite hip-hop (click link under NonFix HipHop Sites) WOW!

Friday, May 12, 2006


F**K happened to you?!?

Rebirth. Regeneration. Reincarnation.... Hopefully these words depict the direction of this site.

Graduate School is coming to a close and I've received too much hatemail not to's only been 3-4 months???

Well, for all of you latecomers...peep the new video from the kid J.A.M.E.S

By the way...a few EONS ago I said the Bush Administration will engage in ILLUMINATI type of you realized that you're phones are tapped and satellites watch you too (i.e Google Earth)

Also, view Jack Cafferty's rant concerning the NSA PhoneTap Debacle....

When will the madness cease....damn Star...."say it ain't so."

Be All You Can Be? ... The U.S Army attempted to enlist an AUTISTIC teenager....WOW!

You know, when you live that "rough, gangsta life" in the NJ suburbs...."sometimes you either shoot or get shot." (50 Cent)

Read Lupe Fiasco Speak on the Leak......

New joints from Raekwon ripped from J-Love's newest mixtape...need more ???...see Rae perform June 9th in NYC.

Damn....maybe 50 Cent really did destroy NY Hip-Hop?