Sunday, January 28, 2007


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First the Fat Boys break up....
now Little Brother breaks up.....and the group is off Atlantic Records? [I saw this one coming in my interview with Phonte...]

Kanye West's apartment is big as hell.

When will Joe Lieberman switch to the Republican Party....he flat out said he was down with the GOP today.

During law school, Obama could see that he was the one......

Lupe Fiasco live in Australia.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


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Hip-Hop's Superhero in the 07'

Sean Price - King Kong

White Congressman ceases effort to become first White Man admitted into the Congressional Black Caucus.

R.I.P Disco D [ Ski Mask Way was a tough's a shame]

A look back upon George Bush's State Of The Union history....

Kanye West - Throw Them D's On That Freestyle

Israel, U.S Will Soon Die

Baby Daddies fight's possible that YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER.

Timbaland a swaggerjacker? Say It Ain't So.....

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nas paid tribute to Rakim on the Streets Disciple, vowed to make a song for KRS-1, however "Mr. Hip-Hop" beat him to it. Listen to KRS-1 top Nas off and claim that he should sqaush beef with Jada?!?

Monday, January 15, 2007


Common performing new track, Play Your Cards Right, from the Smoking Aces soundtrack. Looks like 07' will be a good year for Com....


Namond Brice
First of all, shouts to Julito McCollum aka Naymond Brice from The Wire at a Lupe Fiasco + Kanye West show last month. The youngster has been getting lots of press recently and has released his first effort in his attempt to be a....rapper. You be the judge. Comments. Love? Hate?

Julito - You Can't Hold Me Down


Kanye West - I Still Love H.E.R

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


New Lupe video for "Emperor's Handbook"

After reading this review, would you want to buy a Bleu DaVinci album? ( I can't help myself....)

Joe Budden - Unforgiven

Michael K. Williams [better known as Omar] from The Wire sits down sets the record straight.

Monday, January 08, 2007


If you don't already know about EnJ (he was mad that he styled on him)...learn about most talked about rap battle of 06'.

The Democrats are in control of Congress...there's no way that they will allow Bush to escalate the Iraq War. Right? WRONG.

Young Buck - Haters (produced by Dr. Dre) [another one to watch out for in 07']

Just in time for MLK Day...Black Employee Finds Noose Hanging At Work......Yes!

50 Cent speaking on Jay-Z and Game's albums + 50 Laws of Power book deal.

Despite the 70 degree whether in know the world is coming to an end when people are trying to extort Oprah....

Friday, January 05, 2007


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Ting a Ling a Ling....the Roc in here ding......

When Rappers Attack: Black Ty (Tyrese) and Busta Rhymes are whooping some ass this week. These are our heroes....

Young Gunz....Tiarra Marrie (sp)......Peedi Crack, now Shabba Ranks? Shabba's my man, but what is Jay-Z thinking?

I never tell too many people that I read The 48 Law of Power, but now that 50 Cent is involved, creating the "50 Laws Of Power" with Robert Greene. What is the world coming to?

If you're not already up on it [and you should be] Pharoah Monche's video for Gun Draws.

Ten year old sees Saddam Hussein video and hangs himself....

Martin Luther King's friend thought he was playing a practical joke, not actually DYING.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


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Blaze a 50: Apparently the next president of the United States smokes that piff and that's better than being a cokehead...

So what if I write for do you give Papoose 07' artist to watch for two years in a row? WTF!

Denzel only kisses White women sometimes, otherwise he keeps it real for his core Black female audience.....

An accomplished medical doctor has determined that the United States president, George W. Bush, is a SOCIOPATH...

Gospel Crunk?

Another U.S school's a shame that these things are becoming normal....

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


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Mr. "Interscope Jackson" will launch his own G-Unit Books Imprint this Thursday at Borders Books in Columbus Circle (Manhattan, NYC) Considering the fact that this venue is less than a block away from my job, I just might stop by and pay him a visit to enrage the 50 Cent detractors that visit this beautiful thing here we call, What you know about that?

For those of you that missed the execution of Saddam it is.... I never thought that they would have the audacity to murder the man...but I guess I was wrong...considering the foulplay.

Now, hip-hop should think about murdering this man's career. After all the bullsh*t he's been involved in the past year..he doesn't deserve to be on anymore..for real....I don't know the man, but dude appears to be a piece of garbage. I'm not a judge, but call a spade a spade when I see one. "We need a board to approve the moves that some of these "rappers" are making"...."The sh*t is disgusting"

Until Next Time.....

Monday, January 01, 2007


It's 2007 and I'm attempting to rejuvenate my lackluster blog. The numbers on the site are up and down. Apparently, "hip-hop journalism" has detracted from the thing I loved the most....blogging and ranting about the bullsh*t that goes on in politics, hip-hop, and this fu*ked up world of ours. It's a new day. A new year. Let's try this again....
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My man J.A.M.E.S has already mastered the art of distributing FREE material...apparently Talib Kweli and Madlib have caught on as well.

Speaking of J.A.M.E.S, peep the review of his critically acclaimed mixtape, Shameless Promotion Vol 1...

White people love Barack Obama, but how do "Black folk" feel about the presidential hopeful?

AllHipHop recaps the best of 06', however nothing compares to HipHopSite's Best Of List[whenever they post it]...HHNLive's is OK I guess...

The United States may have murdered Saddam, but I wonder if they ever found out his 'secrets'?

Then again, the U.S is curious as to why the Iraqis were in such a rush to EXECUTE Saddam...hmmmm.

I was always wondering what's so bad about permitting 50 Cent to represent the celebration of Kwanzaa?