Tuesday, January 02, 2007


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Mr. "Interscope Jackson" will launch his own G-Unit Books Imprint this Thursday at Borders Books in Columbus Circle (Manhattan, NYC) Considering the fact that this venue is less than a block away from my job, I just might stop by and pay him a visit to enrage the 50 Cent detractors that visit this beautiful thing here we call, Nonfixfantasies.com. What you know about that?

For those of you that missed the execution of Saddam Hussein...here it is.... I never thought that they would have the audacity to murder the man...but I guess I was wrong...considering the foulplay.

Now, hip-hop should think about murdering this man's career. After all the bullsh*t he's been involved in the past year..he doesn't deserve to be on anymore..for real....I don't know the man, but dude appears to be a piece of garbage. I'm not a judge, but call a spade a spade when I see one. "We need a board to approve the moves that some of these "rappers" are making"...."The sh*t is disgusting"

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