Wednesday, December 20, 2006


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Posting might be inconsistent. I had the internet going nuts with the last post. Check another article by yours truly....

With over a decade of experience in the rap game, 8Ball and MJG are unlike most rappers. Despite their unique and original style, they have accomplished feats that most brand new artists would dream of - being fresh, consistent, and most important of all, maintaining relevancy. The rap game has changed greatly since 8Ball and MJG’s premier album, Comin’ Out Hard, debuted in 1993. The Dirty South runs hip-hop. Rap artists function as CEOs and manage multi-million dollar record labels. However, in the early 90s, many rappers didn’t know how to evade the pitfalls of signing bogus recording contracts and were perpetually “jerked” by labels. This is the era that 8Ball came from; nevertheless, 8Ball seems to have great foresight and has become adept at changing with the game.

As well as being featured on one of the biggest records of 2005, “Stay Fly”, 8Ball can add another great accomplishment to his resume, the launch of his own label, 8Ways Entertainment. As his counterpart, MJG, launches MJG Muzik, 8Ball has grandiose visions for his new company. 8Ball hopes to “have an artist on [his] label that could be the next Alicia Keys or Wu-Tang Clan.” Yo! Raps Magazine recently had the opportunity to sit down with 8Ball to discuss his upcoming film, what it’s like to work with Diddy, and why it took so long for the Dirty South to gain popularity. Life may be hard out here for a pimp, but 8Ball is still ridin’ high.

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Monday, December 18, 2006


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I've just received word that "Mr. Hip-Hop Is Dead", NAS, just concluded his "Secret" promotional concert[at Webster Hall in Manhattan]. Unfortunately, to the dismay of most knowledgeable fans, his show was a measly THIRTY MINUTES.....that doesn't sound like Hip-Hop is alive to me man...Maybe Mr. Jones is conserving his energy for this Friday's doubleheader concert at Times Square? Contrarily, maybe it was just another crummy Hot 97 event where the majority of the concertgoers have no idea what to expect and are satisfied with a subpar showing? Whatever the case may be, the outcome is very depressing and disappointing. Fans pay up to $30 for a show and are only entertained for half an hour? Hip-Hop Is Dead...Corporate Hip-Hop is Alive and running, it seems as if Nas proved his own point.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


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Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Phonte....enjoy another exclusive interview by yours truly.......

Is Little Brother considered backpack or conscious rap? Though it may be quite difficult to classify Little Brother’s style of music, the most outspoken member of the group, Phonte, describes their music in one word, “real”. Since the 2003 release of The Listening, the North Carolina natives, Little Brother (Phonte, Big Pooh, and 9th Wonder), have served as a refreshing, antithesis to the promotion of misogynistic, “minstrel rap music” that has flooded the hip-hop industry. In fact, Little Brother’s sophomore release The Minstrel Show, spoke directly to this stemming problem with insightful tracks designed to place the onus of creating self-respectable hip-hop music back upon the artists’.

It is impossible to shy away from the fact that Hip-Hop, as we know it, is on life support. Can we save this beautiful culture of ours? According to Phonte’s diagnosis, he is not so optimistic about Hip-Hop’s recovery. Phonte doesn’t seem to believe the devilish marketing of the generic, “cookie cutter” rappers will stop being promoted by careless, money- hungry record executives and corporate-run radio stations unless the masses put a stop to the greedy corporate machine. With that said, the logic behind his eloquent argument could not be anymore clearer, “If I could sh*t between two slices of bread and sell it to you as a hamburger, why would I actually cook you a hamburger?”

Recently, Phonte sat down with Yo! Raps Magazine to discuss why Little Brother’s next album, The Getback will feature producers other than 9th Wonder, the transition from being independent to signing with a major label [Atlantic Records], and why Little Brother doesn’t get spins on mainstream radio. Be very afraid and pay very close attention. The new millennium minstrel show has been unleashed upon the Hip-Hop Community. It just might be up to Little Brother to become the driving force that puts an end to the nonsense we have been calling “Hip-Hop”.

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Monday, December 04, 2006


I'm tryin'...don't hate me.....appreciate the dismal effort...

Monday, November 27, 2006


Sony sucks to be you right about now....

While Iraq is in flames....America is gettin' its shop on...

Amadou got 41 Bell gets hit with 50 shots...what can we do to stop the slaughtering of Brown males in NYC? What if anything, will Mr. Bloomberg do?

Maybe Cormega sums it up the best....Niggaz Frontin'

Conversely, the Clipse discuss their latest effort, Hell Hath No Fury.

What's The Problem With a WHITES Only Scholarship.....kiss Affirmative Action goodbye.

Friday, November 24, 2006


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The sh*t's damn Hov......

Lupe Fiasco + Jill Scott performing on David Letterman.

Soldier, you think you're not going to Iraq? [think again]

Hip-Hop Police hating on Jay-Z's performance in NYC...

Jay-Z to push a million records in less than a week.

Ghostface Killah ft. Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good

Civil War is real. Six Shiite
militia men burned Sunni Muslims alive as "Iraqi soldiers" stood by and watched.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


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44 Fours Motherfu*ker I'm Nice ! (The real version)

Dipset affilliate Freeky Zeeky returns from his stint in prison..will he get at Jay-Z too?

Democrats Win...Iraq War over? I beg to differ.

Why is Kramer such an idiot? I'm pretty sure Seinfeld is EXTRA pissed off about this are people going to purchase Best of Seinfeld DVDs while they look at Kramer's racist ass? Shame.

Monday, November 20, 2006


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Nonfictional Fantasies had the opportunity to interview DJ Drama.(T.I's official DJ + Gangsta Grillz Mixtape Orginator + Aphilliates Fouder, etc) Once again, another exclusive article written by yours truly....enjoy...

The standard textbook definition of affiliation is the act of consorting with or joining together with others. As the founder of the all-star DJ team, The Aphilliates (DJ Sense, DJ Don Cannon, DJ Jaycee, DJ Ox, and DJ Jamad), DJ Drama’s proven ability to thrive off of relationships has helped him to garner exponential success in the hip-hop industry. DJ Drama is very much aware of this penchant for comradery and believes that these “relationships are definitely the key to a lot of [his] success.”

DJ Drama (also known as Mr. Thanksgiving) has much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday. In addition to being T.I’s official tour DJ, Drama recently launched Aphilliates Music Group and will soon release a Gangsta Grillz LP this year. Though things seem to be on the up and up, with a name like Drama, it is no surprise that the critically acclaimed DJ has encountered his fair share of drama this year. Read on as DJ Drama sits down with Yo! Raps to discuss his take on shots from DJ Kayslay, his upcoming Gangsta Grillz LP, and why he will reign supreme among hip-hop DJs for years to come. It’s Gangsta Grillz you bastards, the IPod King has arrived, stand up and pay attention! [Continue post here.]

Sunday, November 19, 2006

IRON PROSTITUTION's one thing to have financial woes, but I never imagined I'd see the day Mike Tyson was tricking off....whoa

Nas' album may be the best one he's had in a while. Nas - Where Are They Now (radio rip)

Additionally, this Fabolous - Kanye track Like This is pretty catchy considering the fact I usually can't stand F-A-B etc.....

In closing, the kid J.A.M.E.S has gone global...did I ever mention the fact that he speaks German too..

Just some random sh*t for a Sunday......

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Our man J.A.M.E.S has just been given ANOTHER feature...this time he graces the front page of HipandPop....Read the commentary believe and be sure to check the rest of the feature on HipandPop !

J.A.M.E.S. Watts. This New York rapper is a musician/lyricist who touches on the various topics of life…Unlike most MC’s, he chooses to rap about the struggles of life, death, relationships and finer things in life rather than saturate the industry with lyrics about sex, drugs, hoes & clothes….When I listened to “Traces of Hope”, I realized that this fellow was not your average rapper… When he spits you can see that he makes his music and that his music makes him…Coming from a racially mixed background, J.A.M.E.S. Watts appears to be a taste of what is genuinely missing in the industry…He’s an example of trueness to self and reality…He has been and continues to be approached by various record labels such as Def Jam, SRC/Universal and Interscope…When I landed on this fellow’s page, I knew I had to post him. Continue post here.


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50 Cent .vs. Havoc? Apparently 50's not trying to share Havoc's production outside of the G-Unit camp.

The internet version of the man I met this week[I really did] might just be fake.

Monday, November 13, 2006


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Last night, I heard the entire [good looks J.A.M.E.S]Jay-Z LP, Kingdom Come and was pretty satisfied. I don't want to get sued, but listen to these tracks anyway. What's the point of buying albums if they leak weeks before the release date?

Do U Wanna Ride - Jay-Z ft. John Legend [produced by Kanye]

Beach Chair - Jay-Z ft. Chris Martin

Haven't had the chance to find CD quality audio, but this Nas ft. Jay-Z track Black Republican is BANANAS. [what a way to finish the 4th quarter]

Fidel Castro will die in 18 months.

You know things are getting real when college professors win the right to blaze WEED in their office.

The Democrats may indeed Bring The Troops Home from Iraq...which I believe is wishful thinking...

Recently, embattled Jacob the Jeweler demands his moula from Scarface.

Also had the opportunity to see Method Man, Immortal Technique, Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck and others tear down the Nokia Theater in NYC Saturday Night. I have a newfound respect for Method Man...dude was crowdsurfing and WALKED over the crowd....literally. Based upon Method Man's amazing performance of his lengthy catalog of hits[i.e Bring The Pain, Method Man, Triumph, What the Bloodclot, Poisonous Darts, et al]....maybe he should get more respect as a veteran of the Hip-Hop community? Besides Belly, maybe it was poor choices in selecting slapstick movie roles that took away from how he is perceived. In closing, MarlonBando knew the words to every single Wu-Tang song performed that night....that's what I call a true WU fanatic!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


The Dems cleaned House and Rumsfeld had to's a

The NY Times hails the Game's
Doctor's Advocate as the album of the year?? [I'll find out Tuesday..]

Bush lied....who's career died ?

Kanye claims he isn't arrogant....just emotional.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


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"We don't believe need more people" - Jay-Z

The aforementioned quote does not apply to The Game....who enlisted the rap industry for the One Blood Remix....

Get your vote on today....even if the system is a bit flawed....

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Kanye West acting extra extra effeminate at the MTV European Awards....GOT DAMN KANYE!

Why can't we just use Hip-Hop to spread the Christian message? [laughs]

Then again.....maybe Kanye Punk'd us all......

Being a sex offender is bad enough,but when the legal system requires you to where a Sex Offender T-shirt...that's something else.

Jay-Z is in the Financial Times.

Oh yeah....... by the way Jayecon Taylor leaked his own album...sure.

Look out for my man J.A.M.E.S to be featured on tomorrow! [very strong look for the team....]

Posts have been a bit shaky........but, I had the opportunity to catch up with Sadat X before his unfortunate incarceration last on to hear his views regarding the current state of hip-hop, Fat Joe + Big Pun in the 80s, and much more. Enjoy another classic hip-hop article by yours truly........

When hip-hop connoisseurs speak on the culture, it is impossible to forgo mentioning veteran emcee Sadat X. With over two decades in the rap game, the legendary Brand Nubian member continues to maintain relevancy among hip-hop fans across the globe. Unlike his peers, Sadat X exemplifies a duality that most rappers lack; the ability to advocate social upliftment for the oppressed while maintaining allegiance to the streets of New York.

Unfortunately, the latter has the rapper facing incarceration for illegal gun possession. Rather than dwell on his most recent predicament, Sadat X has been busy recording his new LP, Black October. His new solo effort is comprised of introspective tracks that touch upon Sadat's tribulations, in addition to more positive songs that document the grind of everyday life in New York City. (continue article here)

Thursday, November 02, 2006


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Extra early review of The Game's forthcoming LP, The Doctor's Advocate.[ do I smell sophomore jinx....]

50 Cent + Deniro = New Orleans aka 50 Cent playing 5-0.....not a good loof for the team....

Also, either John Kerry is a real idiot or was paid a gazillion $$$ to give the G.O.P more ammunition against the Dems less than one week before the midterm elections...some one needs to tell him to Shut The F*ck Up!.

Is it just me.....or isn't Method Man really pissed that his boss was given the cover of XXL and the subheading, Presidential MC. [title track off of Mr. Meth's new album that Def Jam failed to push because Hov was readying his return to the limelight.......]

Monday, October 30, 2006


The posts have been somewhat suspect, however I leave you with a new article by yours truly.....more updates to come......
Getty Boy

The second coming of the Dirty South is here. Getty Boy is representing the dope boys and street hustlers of the Carolinas while aiming to make an indelible imprint in the rap game. His ability to intertwine lyricism within his epic Trap tales makes Getty Boy one to watch for. As his most recent mixtape collaboration with DJ Whoo Kid and Incognito, “Fresh Out the Pot Vol. 1”, continues to gain critical acclaim on the mixtape circuit, Getty continues to hustle hard. As a matter of fact, that same hustle helped him to ink a deal with Hustle/Asylum records. Read on as Getty Boy explains the difference between him and Petey Pablo, his views on New York hip-hop, and much more.

Continue to read this post here.


Friday, October 27, 2006


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Damon Dash + Jim Jones = Kingdom Done [Jay-Z Diss]....though Jay-Z's new LP might not live up to the least sh*t will get interesting.....

F*ck Jim Jones....ExxonMobil made a 10 BILLION profit in the 3rd quarter...BAAALLLLIN!

Prodigy + Alchemist need somone to "Hold Them Down".....with bail money.

After myriad protests for equal rights....where's the outrage? Did this man die in vein?

Crazy ass Lauryn Hill performed in NYC last night.....I miss the pre-MTV Unplugged Lauryn...

Iraq War = Vietnam War....yeah...we know....Paul Krugman just happens to explain it in detail....

Thursday, October 26, 2006


There isn't much to be said about this this case a picture is worth a million to []


I guess having a multitude of jobs has caused me to really slack on the whole blog game.....more surprises are still in the works [I kid you not] for now......

Lupe Fiasco Dedicated - [yeah I'm posting a lost F&L Lupe Fiasco track...haters]

Consequence - Callin' Me

Jay-Z - Lost Ones

Speaking of Hov, it looks like he's ready to air Dame Dash and Cam'ron out.....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Apologies for the inconsistent posting..
the blog has been lacking a bit, but there are many more BIG surprises in store...the world's been a whirlwind lately and soon you'll all be a part of it....

First off, Congratulations to the J.A.M.E.S[The future of Hip-Hop]...check the first link...for whooping the asses of 29 other fake MCs and winning the "Faces in The Crowd Best of the Best Showcase." It's only the long have I been saying TheGameNeedsJames?

I hope that you enjoyed the Tech N9ne article....instead of just reposting what's happening...I just might be able to provide you with FRESH news produced and disseminated by yours truly....continue to check back for the usual blog posts + exclusive hip-hop articles......

Monday, October 23, 2006


To all Nonfictional Fantasies readers and supporters...I've added a new dimension to my blogging....Journalism...

This article is presented by none other than yours truly....normally Tech N9ne wouldn't be my personal cup of tea, but I wrote it.

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Eclectic. Abnormal. Unique. Original. These are but few words that exemplify the unusual character of Mid-West rapper, Tech N9ne. As the hip-hop industry continues to be flooded with “cookie cutter” rappers that lack originality, Tech N9ne’s innovative rhyme style ensures that no one will ever be able to emulate his image. With that said, these same characteristics have helped the underground rapper gain worldwide notoriety. Though it may sound like an oxymoron, the “well known – underground” emcee has sold over half a million albums independently. However, how does one describe Tech N9ne’s music? The Kansas City native proclaims his music to be, “Hip-Hop and Hardcore Rap [mixed] with Rock energy!” Though Tech N9ne has not had an album since the 2002 release of Absolute Power, his fan base has remained loyal and is anticipating his soon to be released LP, Everready….The Religion. Has Tech N9ne’s music been known to incite riots? Sure. Has Tech N9ne recorded songs with Eminem, E-40, RZA, and Krs-One? Yes sir. Will Tech N9ne ever compromise his integrity to meet conventional industry standards? Never. Lock and load! Tech N9ne has entered the building and he is here to stay. [click here to finish the rest of the article]


Thursday, October 19, 2006


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Jibbs' newfound success furthers the notion that record execs will do anything to dumb down the masses.[ The Brown ones especially.....neo-instituitional racism? [with the industry being the instiution.]

After "Crocodile Hunter", Steve Irwin's death, I guess anybody can get it.

New joint from 50 Cent, "Puppy Love" comment....

Rappers talk about spraying the K, but in Iraq the U.S sprays a quarter billion shots a day!

Black baby, White I smell a new Hollywood trend?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


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It's common knowledge that Dirty Sanchez and Hugh Heffner are smutpeddlers, but Clinque? I guess Bob Herbert is on to something.....

My man has had this for a minute, but the fourth season of The Wire is for sale on "the block".

The Game might have been on to something as well....Lloyd Banks = 143 K albums sold = Wood... G-Unit over?

After dropping his second nuclear bomb, dictator Kim Jong- Il is back in the building.

Wesley Snipes might see some federal time, "if you get hit with ten you damn near do nine." - 50 Cent

Proof that record labels profit off of the bootleggers.

In closing, the original connoisseur of Shameless Promotion.....

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


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Justin's Restaurant, owned by hip hop entrepreneur Puffy Combs, at 31 West 21st Street in NYC, is the latest scene of hip hop related drama and violence.Hip hop artist Fabolous, aka 28 year old John Jackson, was shot following a fight that ended down the street from Justin’s
early this morning.

Monday, October 16, 2006


Once again, Jay-Z illustrates how he's richer than EVERYBODY with a chic, stylish, European I guess. [Apologies for the crappy quality]


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New Mobb Deep track, Look Out feat 50 Cent, but considering Lloyd Banks' nonexistent promotion, The Unit just might be declining.

The frustrating reality of SWB.....Shopping While Black...

Jim Jones reality show? if a Day In The Life wasn't enough...this is a show I would watch.

Now St. Lunatic member, Ali, knows the meaning of getting 'Hot in Here'.

It's true......Jay-Z is Superman.

The reason why military officers don't blog. [They're being watched...]

People still can't get over the fact that Ms. Jolie will be playing a Black woman in an upcoming film...the outrage! [she's got Black*t]

16% of Americans believe the Bush Administration is telling the truth about 9/11 while 53% say Bush is definitely hiding something.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Hov on African World Tour, "I bet Jay never thought he'd go to Angola?"

You can take this Jay-Z development with a grain of salt [considering the source] but it's possible.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


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Nas is coming.....GodSon discusses signing to Def Jam along and its drawbacks.

Did Lloyd Banks' album even come out? G-Unit just might be a fledgling entity. Maybe? Maybe Not.

When everyone leaves the courthouse, why not just walk around naked?

655, 500 Iraqis dead since the beginning of the war? Some people beg to differ.

Rapper .vs. Hustler. The resurrection of Hov and Puff.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I haven't seen anything like this in a video is not safe for work...Sambos and Uncle Toms BEWARE.


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This new Hov joint, Kingdom Come, is bananas...fu*k what he's saying..this Just Blaze beat is fire!

But, while we're at it, Hov, stay the f*ck out of Asia..only I can go there.

This Rep. Foley fiasco gets better and better....

I'm out on bail.

Diddy .vs. Youtube groupies. [ you might get Ethered by the mogul.]

It just might really, really be a wrap for the Republican least for now.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


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DMX still can't drive for sh*t.

Nas steps up his "producer game" on the Hip Hop Is Dead LP.

Former Pacer, Reggie Miller, tells the thugged out Pacers to stop keeping it so gangsta.

Things are still looking critical for Cassidy.

Teenagers can't afford gas these days, so if you can't afford it, just take it.

Not to say N. Korea is right, but isn't it a bit hypocritical for the U.S to condemn their Nuke policy considering this.

The definition of Crippin' .

These damn teachers need to stop banging their students.

Monday, October 09, 2006


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For, the record the differences between me and fake ass anonymous posters are:

1. I have IP addresses and know who you are.
2. Hop Off internet Stan.

"I could be the king of New York right now if I wanted to be. Who is it, Jay-Z and 50, that’s it? Them my lil’ homeboys. If you wanna keep it real, I could be the King of mothaf**kin’ New York and mash on n***as"... Snoop is definitely out of his mind...

H-A-V-O-C is getting his Internet D-A-T-I-N-G much for groupies.

You must be a fu*ked up child when your parents try to UNADOPT you.

Washington Post wants to know when niggaz will stop using the infamous N-word.

Jadakiss is still locked up, then again "WHY" do we give a sh*t about these rappers.

These little kids need to take a chill pill...."13 year old fires AK-47 in MO classroom." Maybe this Congressman is on to something.

My own "Garden State" might be the integral component that determines the future of our "great" country. Who would've known?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Why are the Indiana Pacers so goddamn gangsta? As if brawling with "fans" wasn't enough.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


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Get well soon Cassidy.

Mos Def sounding like Mos Def - Undeniable[ off of the True Magic LP, due 12/5]

It looks as though House Speaker Dennis Hastert will be resigning in the immediate future.

Lupe Fiasco talks about his album sales with Status Ain't Hood.....

I am so excited to be working in the U.S school system !

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Something tells me that this isn't the "real" cover for The Game's upcoming LP, Doctor's Advocate[but I could be wrong....]

"He's on that ol' off the wall back to Africa shit....." Nas + Jay-Z to tour in the motherland.

With all the violence taking place in schools, learn more about the Denver teen that kills because he "thinks he is God.''

Right wing Christians have identified the guilty party in the "Foley page scandal" it's the gay people's fault....stupid.

It seems as if rappers have deserted Jacob the Jeweler and have opted to buy their bling elsewhere.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Scratch magazine's November issue seems promising.[Hi-Tek....please don't abandon Kweli...he needs you....desperately.]

Maybe Lupe Fiasco is an Islamic terrorist + he thinks Hov isn't in the game for the "love" of it.

Polls show the Democrats aren't that far from recapturing the Senate. [ do I hear impeachment?]

The Game is bipolar....not only does he backpedal and take shots at 50, but he goes after Pharrell too? ["Bathing Ape shoe niggaz/ I'm talking to you niggaz"]

In addition to being bipolar, The Game is also suicidal, or it's just pre-release album hype.

As sales continue to flourish for Bob Woodward's [scathing indictment of the Bush Administration], State of Denial...maybe Woodward should see if he's in denial as well.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Rep. Mark Foley
Rep. Mark Foley is one sickdude......goddamn Republicans.....

People have always called the G.O.P racists....murderers....but internet pedophiles?....WTF! [might be time for some new]

Nas' eight minute track with The Game to debut + One Blood remix w/ Lil' Wayne, Fat Joe, and Nas in the works.

Colin Powell was indeed FIRED by the Bush Administration.....

The first African American leader that I've ever seen endorse gay rights + MLK would favor said rights as well.

SpineMagazine's review straight up shitted all over Food & Liquor.

The Supreme Court rides for Tupac.

Nas abroad in the U.K commenting on the upcoming Nas + Jay-Z collaboration...

Saturday, September 30, 2006


Freddie Foxx's new dis track aimed at Rakim[ in my opinion, it's pretty whack & 18 years too late...anticipating "The God's" reply....]


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After reading the newest issue of XXL, I learned that The Game ended his beef with Murder Inc...

Plus, we know DMX ended his "beef" with Ja Rule, but 50 ending beef with The Source?

New 9th Wonder joint featuring Mighty Mos, Premier, et al.

I wonder what Lupe's real SoundScan numbers are.....

The more and more I work in the school system, in addition to watching The Wire last week, I'm learning to you have to watch your back.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Poppa Paul Wall still makes gangsta grills.

DMX and Jah Rule sqaush BEEF. [I bet Jah wishes 50 would squash theirs as well.....]

Has Byron Crawford been vindicated after Lupe[supposely] falls [very] short.

However, Lupe and Atlantic dispute the 58,000 album sales figure. [Looks like they forgot to add Best Buy numbers?]

Apparently ''the good Doctor" won't be on
The Doctor's Advocate....The Game said it himself...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Joell Ortiz definitely raised the bar with this joint, but[to me] he still sounds a bit like this guy....

580,,000 in one week? Hip-Hop shitt*d on 'hip-hop's savior'...damn Lupe...Atlantic sucks....FNF Up?

Speaking of FNF...check out a new track byFNF affiliate Gemini...maybe he pick up where Lupe left off...

It's really sucked to be Royce 5'9 since about 2000, but now it really sucks to be Royce.

Freddie Foxx is REALLY bringing beef to "THE GOD''....that's some sh*t....

Hi-Tek ft. Talib Kweli and Ayak - Can We Go Back

Apologies for the lack of politics.......the juxtaposition of ignorance, redundancy, and depression has caused me to stray away for the day....

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


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Another shitty post.......yeah I know, but I can't "work from home" like most "bloggers"...

Lupe the gangsta?

Then again some believe Food and Liquor is a album, controversy does sell.

More updates later......

Monday, September 25, 2006


Strange past couple of days....I may have some surprises in the works....

Revamped Startrak site? [These dudes really are from the future..]

Chavez calls Bush "the Devil while developing better social programs within the United States....

Some call me a LUPE FIASCO enthusiast, but damn, this guy likes him a little bit too much....

Friday, September 22, 2006


Mos Def
is one of my most favorite artists of all time. As a matter of fact, I can be classified as the polar opposite of a Mos Def Hater. Nevertheless, I [think I] know what people want to hear. In an earlier post, I discussed the likelihood that Mos' new album, True Magic, would be another newfound Jack Johnson/Boogie Man production. However, it looks as if more proof has been unearthed to support this claim. With that said, preview these tracks from the upcoming LP, True be the judge.


Sun, Moon, Stars

Thursday, September 21, 2006


The Chronic 3000......Something to hold you over until Kingdom Come....and I guess Detox...

Apologies for the shaky posts lately.....teaching the youth and being a blog/hip-hop aficionado can be quite taxing....

The Game proves that he's the John Kerry of rap in this interview...but, here we have a little more straight talk.

Hugo Chavez = Gangsta[ not often world leaders travel to the U.S to call Mr. Bush the DEVIL...]

Then again, if you bite a PANDA....that's pretty gangsta as well...

Listening to Lupe's Food and Liquor and so far I'm not disappointed....

The Lessons of Stringer Bell.

Green Lantern gives the rundown of Hov's world tour.....

The "Real Deal" about poor high school youth enlisting in the U.S military....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


As Nas' album gets pushed back.....Hov shoots a new video one week out of retirement?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Why this is the new NY anthem? I don't know,!

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad + Hugo Chavez = are perceived to be a deadly combination for the U.S.....

Lupe's Food + Liquor in stores today....very curious to see it's numbers..... to watch might be a rap

When the Pussycat Dolls are hollering at you, I guess it's good to be 50 Cent....

Is it good to be Chili's [from TLC] son, I don't think so......

Monday, September 18, 2006


Ras Kass exemplifies the concept of Internet Thuggin'

Ras Kass -Hush Little Baby[Game diss] Not that impressive Ras....anticipating The Game's diss.

"Talib Kweli and 50 Cent are the same artists"....if you say so Kweli....

In this day and age, Christian leaders[i.e. Pope] indirectly talking sh*t about Muslims will lead to the 2006 CRUSADES.

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Game .vs. Ras Kass?

Apparently, The Game sucker punched Ras Kass in Los Angeles last night.

"Ras Kass' career is over, Game said. " I ended it last night with one punch." [now...that's gangsta]

Jadakiss + Papoose + Talib + Raekwon + Hi-Tek = Fire! [Jada burned all of]

Damn, when secret Pentagon documents state we're losing the Iraq War....that means we are really in trouble......

In 1095 A.D, this Pope began the Crusades[holy war], now in 2006 this Pope may initiate a new one......

Tupac roundtable with Cormega, Chino XL, et al.

Ethnic conflict + 200,000 Sudanese deaths in Darfur = Genocide

Everyone loves Tupac, but if you really do....find his killer.

[Disclaimer: The above video contains some of the most ignorant sh*t you will ever see in your life. Brace yourself.]

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Excuse's no longer a Presidential Gala...

I guess the self proclaimed "Rap God'' is really coming back.[as if Jay-Z ever really left the rap

It just might be a wrap for Al Franken and Air America....they need to borrow some dollars too.

Recently, NonFictional Fantasies got some recognition over this post, [but the way Lupe's been talking]maybe I should watch my back....

It's sad to see this broken State Senator plead for his son's life, but that's Philly.....

The infamous crackhead couple's relationship is no more.

Maureen Dowd believes DICK Cheney should pull out his Wet Wipes.

Snoop explains his close relationship with Tupac.

In closing, another wonderful, yet depressing, Tupac video tribute.....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

R.I.P Tupac Amuru Shakur [9/13/96 - 9/13/06]

Thug Immortal....many believe Tupac is still with us...look at these conspiracy theories....

Then again, those theories make you wonder......Tupac's LOST interview revealed.

The U.S is thanking Syria? I thought that Syria was part of the 'Axis of Evil'.......

Bobby Brown > Christina Aguilera

Lupe Fiasco - The Cool, Real, Pressure ft. Jay-Z [Food and Liquor is leaking AGAIN....9/19/06 better come soon......]

After countless viewings of Tupac Resurrection, listening to myriad Pac joints, and reading accounts from various family members it's still very hard to fathom the fact that Pac is no longer here with us. At the moment, no other MC has made such an astounding impact on hip-hop culture and the world at large. Though it has been ten years since his sudden, yet mysterious death, we our still infatuated Tupac and have ensured that his legacy will resonate in the minds of many for years to come. Pour out a little liquor.......R.I.P PAC

Monday, September 11, 2006

Common's 'Pops' needs to borrow a dollar BADLY...

Informative and historical article depicting Common as a cheap asshole and 'Pops' as an impoverished crackhead[damn, didn't know it was THAT serious.]

"Niggaz don't set trends...they ride dicks....that's why everybody's Bloods and Crips " - 50 Cent [internet thuggin' is getting out of hand]

"Puerto Ricans are fiesty because of their mixed Black & Latino blood.." - Governor Arnold SchwarzeNazi

Oh, now I understand why the NYPD scared the sh*t out of us and made commuters run frantically like a bomb was about to go off on 9/11/06.....WTF? [sh*t was like a movie......NYC is running scared...]

After getting arrested in the Enzo last week, 50 Cent is forced to beat the sh*t out of an annoying fan.
Fu*k Colombia......Kenya got that coke!

Winky Wright vs. Jermaine Talyor part 2?

Yeah, Jay-Z is dropping another LP, Presidential Gala, in November....he's not retired...I've seen him perform 4 times in less than 2 years...blah...blah....

More and more proof that Dave Chapelle won't be coming back anytime soon...