Monday, November 13, 2006


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Last night, I heard the entire [good looks J.A.M.E.S]Jay-Z LP, Kingdom Come and was pretty satisfied. I don't want to get sued, but listen to these tracks anyway. What's the point of buying albums if they leak weeks before the release date?

Do U Wanna Ride - Jay-Z ft. John Legend [produced by Kanye]

Beach Chair - Jay-Z ft. Chris Martin

Haven't had the chance to find CD quality audio, but this Nas ft. Jay-Z track Black Republican is BANANAS. [what a way to finish the 4th quarter]

Fidel Castro will die in 18 months.

You know things are getting real when college professors win the right to blaze WEED in their office.

The Democrats may indeed Bring The Troops Home from Iraq...which I believe is wishful thinking...

Recently, embattled Jacob the Jeweler demands his moula from Scarface.

Also had the opportunity to see Method Man, Immortal Technique, Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck and others tear down the Nokia Theater in NYC Saturday Night. I have a newfound respect for Method Man...dude was crowdsurfing and WALKED over the crowd....literally. Based upon Method Man's amazing performance of his lengthy catalog of hits[i.e Bring The Pain, Method Man, Triumph, What the Bloodclot, Poisonous Darts, et al]....maybe he should get more respect as a veteran of the Hip-Hop community? Besides Belly, maybe it was poor choices in selecting slapstick movie roles that took away from how he is perceived. In closing, MarlonBando knew the words to every single Wu-Tang song performed that night....that's what I call a true WU fanatic!

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Charge it to the game said...

Yo the Jay-Z album isn't bad, but what is bad is that diss record he did against Dipset with the "We Fly High" track. I think its called Brooklyn High or some shit. Shit it is weak. Speak on it negro.