Monday, July 31, 2006


I am out of 'My Mind'.... Posted by Picasa

Voyage to Hong Kong is in my immediate future.....we will see the scene over there in the coming weeks.....

Haven't heard all of Pharell's new album yet, but why wasn't Int'l Swagger the first single?....Nonwithstanding the appearance from Kanye, but Number One is not going to move units.

Nontheless, Kanye's new video for Grammy Family is pretty tough as well........

Despo Rutti is GANGSTA....don't understand everything he's saying, but in French rapper,DESPO's video, ARRETEZ, he murders none other than......... 50 CENT? [fast forward to the 2:30 min. mark]

Israel decides to stop murdering innocent Lebanese people for 48 hrs[and ticking]...though U.S Ambassador, Bolton is opposed to a truce? WTF?

Jay-Z, Game, et al. featured on new Nas album, Hip-Hop is Dead.....this is the "tentative" tracklisting.

Maybe, Mobb Deep will get their 'swagger' back as they travel abroad on tour.......

Thursday, July 27, 2006


America + Israel .vs. Lebanon = Holy War Posted by Picasa

Niggaz Done Started Something: Does it surprise you that Al-Quaeda is now waging a holy war against Israel?

The real
casualties of the Israeli-Lebanese war are...women and children(note: viewer discretion advised when clicking link).... this is how terrorism is created.

F**k 50 Cent....the Doctor's Advocate is now teaming up with Godson for his prospective LP...

Meanwhile, as The Game holla's 'One Blood'.....NJ officials complete largest ever arrest of Bloods' 93 Gangsters set in the state's history.

A Tribe Called Quest is on an Award Tour.....for real....

Someone has finally figured out why Black people distrust the Republican party.....

Rick Ross explains Miami....Chevys Ridin' High...and how to whip it real hard(pause...)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I know you love it...but how much do you love it. Posted by Picasa

5o Cent talks Supreme, Southside, Ja Rule, et al. in EXCLUSIVE XXL interview....

So, have you ever wondered how Cam'ron writes his rhymes? (this is too

Andrea Yates[crazy lady that drowned her 5 kids] Not Guilty by reason of insanity....though she wasn't crazy when she accused an imaginary Black guy of killing her kids before......

The Israeli-Lebanese war must be getting out of hand when Israel 'deliberately' shoots at U.N envoys.

Monday, July 24, 2006


I don't pop shots....I drop bombs ni*ga.... Posted by Picasa

Imagine this: You're a U.S citizen trying to escape Israeli bombing in Lebanon....the U.S is charging you $$$ to be evacuated....meanwhile...the U.S is sending Israel more bombs to bomb YOU and Lebanon!

Therefore, U.S citizens are running from bombs dropped by Americans! WTF???

Lots of people HATE George Bush...but this Nobel Peace Prize winner wants to KILL him....for real!

Some say listening to 40 Cal will make you pop the 40 Cal....but do Lil' Jon records make dudes commit MURDER?

It's official for the nth time....the man that I've seen live four times in less than a year is coming out of RETIREMENT...

In closing, if you're not banging this in your're fuc*ing STUPID...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

LUPE WAS A FIASCO live show was a fiasco.....

Damn Lupe....say it ain't, 7.18.06.....I had the chance to see Mr. Fiasco perform at the +ultra-exclusive+ KarmaLoop/Kickslusive venue at Club Spirit in NYC[for those unfamiliar with's a juxtaposition of NYC BAPE sneakerheads, hiphoppers, and high end NYC urban fashion]....being the event was EXTRA industry....75% of the audience could give two shi*s about Lupe. Unfortunately, to Lupe's dismay...the crowd did not find his performances of[ Diamonds, I Gotcha, Kick, Push, etc] very engaging. Maybe it was the fact that his Levi's jeans were literally sagging so low to his knees....that his balls were almost hanging out[ mo'] With that said.....Lupe stopped the show numerous times to chastize the crowd, "Where are y'all niggaz that stand outside at the BAPE store for 3 hours...I know y'all do"-----"how many of y'all are really even up on StreetWear." In an attempt to get the crowd amped, Lupe threw off his expensive fitted hat only to have the hat thrown back at him by an unruly member of the audience. Subsequently, Lupe unleashed his brash arrogance and did a mini-rendition of a Kanye West-like tirade, finished his lackluster set, and abruptly left the stage.

What happened to the humble, conscious,skaternerd's patience? Didn't he realize that this particular audience was more concerned with shining their Nike Dunks instead of nodding along to Kick, Push? Maybe the Food & Liquor leak + pressure of "saving" hip-hop + plus myriad Reebok endorsement deals has taken its toll on the little dude from the Chi? All in all, being a Lupe fan...I left the event feeling disgusted, confused, and bewildered.....even Lupe says he needs to work on his live performance skills...but damn.....unless Lupe redeems himself the next time I see him.....[nonwithstanding his great political commentary, sick wordplay, and his cult-like fan base]this 1st round draft pick might indeed be a bust.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Paul Wall says: "Bling Responsibly.'' Posted by Picasa

"They call me the political rapper..even after I tell em' I don't fuc* w/politics....I don't even follow it." ~Talib Kweli,
Beautiful Struggle

Nonwithstanding the abovementioned quote....Talib weighs in on the Israeli-Lebanese debacle.

By the way, WTF did happen to Diddy's VOTE or DIE ?????? Where they be at? lol.......

Paul Wall[
Gangsta Grill extraordinaire] et al. travel to Sierra Leone to visit conflict Diamond mines??? WTF? This may seem like an odd juxtaposition, nevertheless everyone should be very proud Paul Wall, et al.

In attempt to court Black voters at an NAACP convention, Mr. Bush gets 'heckled' by spectators.(view video)

Shaq. Kobe. A.I. ....These NBA players tried to rap, but sucked. However, as this one opens up for Fat Joe this summer.....he's taken NBA rapping to an all time

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Guess who's back...well....sort of.... Posted by Picasa

This individual has "HOPE" for the future of South Africa's oppressed you? (scroll to HOPE article....)

Then again, with the development of RACIST ringtones for sale in S. Africa....we may have a long way to go........

Jay-Z to record a new album? According to a credible producer......."of course STUPID"

Are Republicans really racist........for the most part......possibly..............though others beg to differ.......

To all you stranded American citizens in war-torn Lebanon....America will rescue you......for the right price $$$......WTF

Saturday, July 15, 2006


There's a war going on outside noone is safe from....
Posted by Picasa

Are we approaching Armageddon? Is World War III upon us? If not....Sure looks like it.......

Israel widens it scope vs. Lebanon, Palestine....and Iran???

It's said that the U.S blindly supports Israel, however the U.S' action at the UN didn't help that perception at all......

Then again... maybe America's blind support for Israel may indeed be a recurring trend....

50 Cent = Jay-Z.....both superstars have
LESBIAN mothers?????????

Oh, now I get it.....Biggie did put a
hit out on I understand....

I might not know all the facts...but I do think that
this guy should be in jail too....we all get lucky breaks I guess....

Condoleeza suggested that Israel should exercise and was told to fall the f**k back!.....WOW

If the world is still in tact.....until next time...........

Monday, July 10, 2006


Yo...we bangin' on the internet son........ Posted by Picasa

Whoa! I've heard of internet thugs.....but Internet/Myspace GANGBANGERS? [i.e MS-13, Bloods, Crips, etc] WTF!

BET Uncut to be cancelled? No more 'Tip Drill'? Viacom finally has a change of heart? What is the world coming to...[lol]

The recently stolid Busta Rhymes breaks his silence over the Israel Ramirez shooting...but he's still NOT SNITCHING.

The mystery has been solved! This is why Blacks don't vote Republican....

I thought I had connects.....I wish I could call a GOP Senator for help if I get locked up in Dubai...damn....

New Talib Kweli Joint, 'What I Feel'....dope track, but is it me...or has his voice become more annoying over the years???

Thursday, July 06, 2006


The Original Dope Boys Are Back! Posted by Picasa

Apologies for the sporadic posting..........I'm always late. (duh)

I don't really understand the so-called Hyphy movement, but watching Hyphy Inc. vs. E-40 and Lil Jon is amusing....(keep it on wax....yet the dance floor or.... whatever it is y'all do.)

Bush will never be tried for WAR crimes because of......Imperial Racism. [ how you like em' apples!]

I'll believe it when I see it....Lupe Fiasco drops in late August........

" In Delaware you can't work at 7/11 or Dunkin Donuts w/o an Indian accent." - Sen. Joe Biden[ Not the best way to get the Asian vote Mr. Senator]

Outkast + 'The Mighty O' = The
Southenplayalistik Original Dope Boys are Back!

LGBT New Yorkers seeking equal rights JUST realized that New York is not as liberal as it seems................

The Revolution Will Now Be Televised........from jail??? WTF?