Thursday, August 31, 2006


50 Cent + 'Bigger Than Hip-Hop' beat = new Puffy diss!

Immortal Technique never made a video for 'Bin Laden' someone else did it for him.

In related news....a movie was produced. A U.S president was assasinated. Can you guess which one it was?

Have to run.........

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


We won't stop pissing because we can't stop pissing. Posted by Picasa

Last week, we watched Puffy drunk and in drag, now we get to watch him urinate. Yes, the man that cultivated Biggie's career has so much class...

Kidnap a politician's son for ransom. Shoot his wife and daughter. Next episode of The Wire? No, but that's Philly for you.....

Dave Chappelle has no regrets for leaving Comedy Central.

FOX News ratings are slipping really takes us Americans a long time to weed through the bullsh*it.

It's official....the world is coming to an end + Peedi Peedi IS joining The Roots.

CNN Cafferty shows us that Katrina may've been the 'defining moment of the Bush presidency.

50 Cent was wrong. Fat Joe wasn't forced to move to the artists' graveyard(Koch) he went to Virgin.

In celebration of The Roots' Game Theory release...listen to J.Period's, Best of The Roots.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Foxy Brown looks really good[but,still sounds deaf] and even makes a remarkable move and sqaushes BEEF...but she still has to make ammends with a multitude of her most recent adversaries....

Foxy Brown pulls a John Kerry-like flip-flop by pleading guilty in court....then subsequently pleading NOT GUILTY?

Fall back...or 50 Cent might have to smack a bitch! [literally]

Damn….they ACTUALLY made a video for the Chicken Noodle song. WHY!

New info concerning Talib’s new LP, Eardrum.

Forget about mourning at funerals…..bring out the strippers bitches!

One year later....the real state of affairs in post-Katrina New Orleans.

Whack ass Miss Jones of Hot 97 fame FINALLY get's suspended for something[ fuc*ing with Beyonce.]

New joint, Man Up, from the self-proclaimed Wally Champ......sounding good Ghost.

Unfortunately, name-dropping Bill O'Reilly won't get you out of a speeding ticket.....

Monday, August 28, 2006


Peedi Crack to join THE ROOTS? If this happens... this world is definitely coming to an end. Case Closed.


Where in the fu*k is the Middle Passage? Posted by Picasa

More proof that Foxy Brown is a straight up asshole. heat from Immortal Technique[the game has been waiting for the Middle Passage..]

Step your sneaker game up.

Did anyone even know Cormega had a video for this? And I know Mega is "real hip-hop", but this is VERY low budget...damn.

WANTED: OSAMA BIN LADEN...but not for 9/11 Terror Attacks? WTF?

As we anticipate Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor....listen to excerpts of FNF radio!

New footage of the Reasonable Doubt concert.[IMHO it's not the same if you weren't there fuc*ers.]

Some believe that post-Katrina America is no longer the "greatest country in the world".

Happy Birthday shouts to the kid J.A.M.E.S......until next time..

Friday, August 25, 2006


$1 Billion Man. Posted by Picasa

F*ck Papoose.....Lebron's raping the NBA til' he's the BILLION dollar man.

2006? Nope it's 1956, now get to the back of the bus darkie!

Since nobody was willing to pay[j/k]......Talib Kweli will be performing for
free in NYC.

Proof that you people reading this at "work"....really don't do ANY work at all.[lol]

G-Unit's MOP, Mase, Olivia, et al. will never see the light of's all about Hot Rod?

A Utah GOP State Senator believes Brown v. Board decision was "wrong to begin with".

8.25.06 - 8.25.81 = 25....damn...maybe I'm getting too old for this sh*t........

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Stop Snitching Bitches! Posted by Picasa

NY Times columnist, Bob Herbert, rips into the hood philosophy of Stop Snitching.....

Jay-Z .vs. Beanie Siegal
is starting to become more and more credible.....TakeOver Pt. 2?

Who needs condoms when you have this for sale? [what has the world come]

Fu*k rap beef....we know Macho Man dissed Hulk Hogan on wax...but the Ugandan giant Kamala got tracks! WTF?

Al Sharpton + Bill Cosby = Fu*k Hip Hop.....well sort of...

As the one year anniversary of 'Katrina' is upon us....we remember what really happened.

Though to some, the "Stop Snitchin" campaign is old news, Bob Herbert's editorial concerning the controversial philosophy illustrates how this mentality has garnered nationwide attention. Nonwithstanding the Busta Rhymes shooting incident, escalating murder rates in innner cities coupled with lambasting from political figures, one is left to wonder who is to blame for this mentality? Is it ignorance, the prevalance of gangsta rap, crooked cops, or a combination of all said factors? As Bill Cosby and other more conservative members of the Black community continue to address problems within "Black America" and the hip-hop community, is there a way to defend this mentality that has pervaded ''Ghetto America?'' Some believe we should "Start Snitching."In a recent XXL issue, myriad rappers attempted to explain the importance of not snitching, but in my opinion many have confused snitching with justice. If you incriminate an associate to receive a lighter sentence or mitigated punishment that is SNITCHING. However, assisting authorities in convicting a guilty individual that harms innocent people is administering JUSTICE. As the Stop Snitching campaign continues to be glorified, one is left to wonder if this state of mind will ever cease or whether this is truly the spawning of a new movement. Whatever the case may be, one way or another, it seems as if countless crimes[i.e the murder of Israel Ramirez, Tupac, Biggie, JMJ, et al.] will continue to be unsolved in the inner cities across America.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Damn Russell....say it ain't so...... Posted by Picasa

In an earlier post, I said that U.S terror strikes equals an election year[ wasn't meant literally] but, maybe I was right.....

Skateboard P explains the dichotomy of being a backpacker and multimillionaire.

For those that say
Black Eyed Peas ain't hip-hop....Will.I.Am is damn near making Nas' whole new album...WTF?

Bill Cosby.vs. HIPHOP, babydaddies, and you lower economic people...

Of all the Republicans for Russell Simmons to support....why this one.....that's keeping it WRONG.

The heads I met out in Hong Kong believe[worship] Hypebeast.....but some don't believe...THEHYPEBEAST.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


The GAME's video is hot, but it doesn't do justice to the track......don't you miss the G-UNIT namedropping and cameos?


I'm not sure if the world is ready for this.... Posted by Picasa

Back from Hong Kong, Beijing, and elsewhere in the Eastern Hemisphere...will return to Beijing and hit Babyface and Banana very soon......

Only hours upon entry into the States and I can already feel the hype for Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor escalating. Considering my previous post on "Mr. Righteous Kung Fu", I had credible reservations concerning his ability to attain mass appeal. [based upon my viewing of his lackluster performance] However, after watching his new video for "I Gotcha", I am still uncertain of how Lupe Fiasco will be perceived by the very fickle[downloading]buying public. The "I Gotcha" video is a very bold statement with respect to its assortment of pastel colors, action figures,StreetWear, and tripped out backgrounds. Contrarily, this video is already on MTV2, Lupe's backed by the internet,[respectively sneakerheads, cybergeeks...] heavyweights in the industry,[El Presidente, Skateboard P] and serious corporate backing[Reebok, and Atlantic Records' mean legal team] Hell, for some stupid reason Atlantic asked my man Eskay to pull an unreleased Lupe video off of his website. [Daydreamin ft. Jill Scott] I doubt I will be asked to remove it. It seems as if Atlantic doesn't understand the paradigm of Shameless Promotion like some of us do. However, with the advent of Food and Liquor on the horizon, the questions concerning Fiasco's official entrance into "the game" still linger. Will this freshman release do 50 Cent-like numbers and force hip hop to drop the glock and pick up the skateboard? Will Lupe really make it cool for [little] kids to be intelligent, nerdy, and ok to be into esoteric things like toy robots and Japanese Anime?
Things change. Two and a half years ago, I didn't have the foresight to suggest that Kanye West would influence youth to wear Louis Vuitton bookbags and Polo shirts with their collars out. I guess only time will tell.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Apologies for the sporadic posting.......Great Wall of China is also the sh*t.....

Some think the U.S should stop bitching about
China's military spending....

Kanye West + Just Blaze + Scott Storch + Swizz Beats +TRINA[?] = A waste of time,
talent, and money.......

Judge Mathis knows that
"MINORITIES'' will soon become the majority in the U.S, but why are said minorities lagging in elite NYC high schools?

Listening to too much gospel and techno
[not HIP-HOP] increases risks of becoming HIV positive. WTF?

Clinton Sparks' last Touch the Sky
mixtape was garbage, now maybe 50 Cent can help him move units....

As if living off of Biggie's legacy wasn't we have to
hear Puffy sing...... Next stop.....HK

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Big Buddha brings peace....... Posted by Picasa

Don't mind me...I still can't shake this HK sh*t........

The week I decide to travel abroad there are..... foiled terror plot +
children can board planes without tickets or a passport....

In addition, unclaimed cellphones and maniac passengers can force planes to land.....great!

The recently embattled Phonte of LB sounds off on the haters.

If I was in NYC this week, I would definitely be going to this.

The man is the president of the United States for Christ's sake, but is George Bush really an idiot?

Ex-NBA loser + loaded weapon = Shots fired at the White House? WTF?

Despite the possible backlash from No Limit fans.....I still don't know what the hell this judge was thinking...

Next stop........Beijing

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Haven't felt this materialistic since high school, but these poor people in HK are drowning in hot kicks and expensive name brand fashion........ Posted by Picasa

My counterparts here in Hong Kong and throughout the Far East are not happy with the Japanese PM's tiny insensitive gesture....wonder why?

The self proclaimed kufi smacker threatens to sabotage Hov's establishment..........

"Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather puts his money where his mouth is.....hope he doesn't catch an L.

Though the Israeli-Lebanese war is "over" unlikely party is blaming BUSH for the debacle..

Now I understand why there are huge Damon Jones posters in HK....looks like SHAQ is next up..

Can anyone explain why 50 Cent is going to be collaborating with Chamillionaire?

Looks like Lil' Wayne's flow isn't the only thing that's HOT right now.........

Joi wooi....

Monday, August 14, 2006


Sh*t in HK is official.... Posted by Picasa

Upon my arrival in the Far East, I see that U.S rappers aren't the only ones going to jail for bullsh*t......

Ice Cube says Black politicians are as suspect as the White ones......

Looks like the late Israel Ramirez's sister believes Busta Rhymes is full of sh*t.......

Dope video, "Listen" from Talib Kweli[ I just wish his voice hadn't become so damn high pitch and annoying....]

Mo' Money
Mo' Problems for Jigga

"Look at these shoes yo you can't find that/'less you flyin' to Singapore[HK] homie you ain't buyin that"- LUPE FIASCO

Since my arrival in Hong Kong, I have been dumbfounded by the culture and fast pace way of life in this illustrious city. I have been influenced. Bathing Ape. Evisu. Hermes. Undercover. If you name it...Hong Kong has it tenfold. It may seem very naive and somewhat superficial to only discuss exclusive, high-end fashion when visiting a foreign country, however, there are ridiculous malls EVERYWHERE in HK[including the subway seems as if that's all there is to do here....seriously] I don't know who can afford it, but HK has everything and sorry to say it, but this place sh*ts on NYC in terms of fashion. Never believed that
HYPEBEAST would come in handy, but I was able to visit DMOP, KING WAH CENTER, I.T., BAPE, EVISU, JUICE and every other miscellaneous fashion boutique specializing in cutting edge Street Wear and other exclusive punk, skaternerdish, Lupe Fiasco-like fashion. Additionally, I visited the infamous SNEAKER STREET in Mogk Kok where they sell endless Nike Airmaxes, Dunks, and every single sneaker made in the Far East.[though you must sort through all of the bootleg kicks]Though, I peeped their fashion scene, I haven't heard much hip-hop over here. However, considering the stares that I get and random requests from the locals begging to take a picture with me...maybe they think that I am a rapper?[ I feel like Blackzilla with the stares that I am getting from people over] All in all, my preliminary perception of HK legitimizes the notion that globalization is real and the 7/11s and KFCs on every corner prove it. Furthermore with that aside, as far as shopping goes, when it comes down to it, sh*t in HK is very my head is still spinning...pause.....until next time...

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Pause...just because I'm going to StreetWear HQ....I won't come back rocking fruity colors and stuffed animals... Posted by Picasa

According to my humble observations, most of these internet whores[bloggers] don't ever leave their homes....EVER. Fortunately, I am unlike my counterparts and will shortly be departing for Hong Kong. With that said, expect frequent[yet sporadic] posts from the Far East , but continue to visit us at NonFictional Fantasies...

Just when your about to hit the airport....great......TERROR strikes....I smell an election year...

Conversely, maybe I chose the WRONG destination......

The Diddy/BAD BOY RECORDS curse victim.....Choppa?

Apparently....the majority of casualties in the Israeli-Lebanese war are.......children.

It looks like the crack habit just happens to run in the MAN's family..........

Furthermore, in HK I will have so much access to exclusive BAPEs and STREETWEAR that the Hypebeast skaternerds will turn green with

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Is hip-hop still hungry for G-UNIT? Posted by Picasa

G-Unit monopoly crumbling? Not enough people put their Hands Up.....The Rotten Apple pushed back.....AGAIN.

I am elated that this fake GOP Senator lost the race.....too bad fort this radical Congresswoman...

My goodness...I've heard about Mos Def doing this, but damn....say it ain't so....why can't they be like Allen Houston?

How f*cking stupid can we be......more than half of adults in United States still believes Iraq had WMDs...WTF?

So who is the richest mogul in hip-hop, Diddy, Jigga, or Fifty? Where's Jimmy Iovine?

Saigon is killing, 'The Corner'.......if
The Greatest Story Never Told sounds like this....there is still hope for 06'.

After you rape and kill a young Iraqi girl....why not just grill some chicken wings?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


MORE DANGER from Pretty Flaco looms in the near future... Posted by Picasa

MORE DANGER....Mos Def's [possible] lead single from True Magic, aptly titled, Boogey Man......

Dead Prez + Outlawz = One Nation......did they even have a budget for this video? It's not looking too good...WTF Dead Prez....what happened to this?

Maybe I'm experiencing POWER of THE DOLLAR nostalgia, but I'm currently bumping this in my tapede.....IPOD.....yes I'm biased.

Hilary Clinton provided Secretary Rumsfeld with a public thrashing concerning the Iraq War, but remember....she's just another GUILTY politician.........

Steve-O = JACKASS.....see why Raekwon had to threaten to slap fire out his ass at the Rock The Bells

Do you want to know where terrorism starts? This is one potential example........

As I previously stated, this Fall's album release dates makes the end of 2006 something to look forward to.....

Well...though it's not fully confirmed....I believe my inquiry concerning "Black Dante's'' new LP may have been answered. For the record, I [among many others] am still a fan of Mos Def. Additionally, I understand the late 90s have passed, New York hip-hop is not what it once was, and Rawkus Records ceases to exist. However, since the advent of Mos Def's venture into rock a la Jack Johnson, he has continually attempted to make the point that Black people invented Rock and Roll. With that said, I believe Mos Def, understand the purpose of his endeavor, and GET THE POINT. No true fan should inhibit an artist's growth, but at this point I don't think Mos' hip-hop fans can handle anymore Boogeyman songs. Sorry. I will still listen to True Magic, but it would be ideal if it was 95% Black on Both Sides and 5%[or 0%] Jack Johnson. Then again, do we have the right to complain? With Funkmaster Flex dropping bombs on stuff like this in 2006....maybe hip-hop enthusiasts should be happy with whatever they can get.

Monday, August 07, 2006


This guy might have lost his marbles..... Posted by Picasa

To the peons concerned with debilitating NONFICTION FANTASIES.....f*ck you....we here.

If THE GAME disses this man.....he's really lost his damn mind.........

According to these researchers, "Bin Laden didn't blow up the projects........Bush knocked down the towers."

Teens that listen to Suck It or Not and Candyshop are prone to having intercourse at an early age......

In addition, Spike Lee will show you why George Bush et al. doesn't care about Black people....

Sean Price + Buckshot = More Summer Heat


One of the most underrated MCs provides SUMMER HEAT... Posted by Picasa

Little Brother + Cormega = "Back At It"[The recently embattled LB link up with Mega to deliver straight my humble opinion.]

More info on the new Mighty Mos LP......[not to hate...but for many it's....BUYER BEWARE..]

Considering Israel's 'deliberate attempts' to kill Lebanese civilians, it looks like we have some WAR CRIMES at hand.

Isn't Angelina Jolie already Black? She has a Black baby and has been to more African countries than most "Black people", but some see this as an

Pretty White Girl Saved From Scary Black Man [proof that MYSPACE is evil....]

ZAB JUDAH survives a ''botched robbery"..and just like CAM...he is NOT SNITCHIN either......

It looks as though a few GOP Congressmen will be indicted soon....will it happen before the Nov. elections?

All in all, the recent developments of THE GAME leaving AFTERMATH continue to be a controversial topic. Was he REALLY dropped because of 50 CENT unbearable influence? Did THE GAME really receive $50 Million to switch to GEFFEN? Some are not buying the spin which claims that THE GAME left AFTERMATH by his own volition and I don't think we will ever know the real truth. At this point, it is not that important anymore. The release and reception of the DOCTOR's ADVOCATE will silence or empower his critics. You never know, if LLOYD BANK's, Rotten Apple, flops, it could signal the end of G-UNIT's chokehold on the rap game and the possible ascension of BLACKWALLSTREET[though highly unlikely]Therefore, it seems as though the FOURTH quarter of album releases makes the end of 2006 something to look forward to...

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Will you ever purchase an album from this man again? Seriously... Posted by Picasa

50 Million Dollars? Rumor[I repeat...Rumor] has it that's what it took to have THE GAME leave aftermath for Geffen...go figure.

Ghostface ft. AG = Crunchtime.....I wish video games had dope tracks like this when I was a*t

Iraq. Katrina. 9/11. Enron. . Patriot Act....too bad the Democrats don't have any spine when it comes to the GOP...but if this guy leaves the party....then the Dems are really pussies.

The world is definitely coming to an end: Yung Joc nominated for MTV VMA AWARD....what did we do to deserve this?

Immortal Technique and conspiracy theorists everywhere might be on to something....the U.S government just might have really shot down United 93 on 9/11....

BUYER BEWARE: Mos Def's new album, True Magic will be dropping this fall [in addition to Mos Def Converse kicks]. Although I am a fan of the New Danger, a majority of the buying public believed his sophomore effort(after a six year hiatus) was atrocious. Therefore, before you attempt to purchase this album, be sure to PREVIEW the tracks to assess whether the Mighty Mos is on some Black on Both Sides sh*t or the posthumous Jack Johnson sh*t. Unfortunately, Mr. Mos has been providing the latter to the dismay of many of his [former] fans. Will True Magic enable Mos to reclaim his BACKPACKER pass and be received by the hip-hop heads in the underground hip-hop scence? Or has Mos' experience in: rock, film, theatre, and Yukon Denali commercials forced him to transcend the genre he helped to create? With that said, I am still a Mos Def supporter and will purchase True Magic, just like my purchases of Black on Both Sides and New Danger. But, the question remains...will you be[and many others] be leaving said album on the shelf?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


This T.R.A.P Star is making sh*t happen..... Posted by Picasa

T.I + Denzel Washington = probably has Samuel J. Jackson saying,

Mr. Kick Push has some more to say......

Rush Limbaugh believes the massacred Lebanese children are getting what they deserve. What a surprise......

Not only did Sha Money XL co-found G-UNIT, the man use to play piano at Carnegie Hall....

N. Korea. Israel. Iran. U.S. Pakistan......all of these countries have NUKES. Next up.... Nigeria?

If you are a Black victim of Katrina and are trying to find a home....if you use the terms 'shawty' or 'whodi'......unfortunately, you just might not be able to purchase a house.

XXL magazine is very mistaken. The September issues compiles the "20 Greatest Street Albums/Mixtapes of all time. Unfortunately, all of these 'mixtapes' were CDs and not tapes. The brand new 'rap dudes' at XXL need to dig in the crates a me old school. Yeah, I agree with the Dipset, 50 Cent, et al. choices. I'm not from the South, but if Chamillionaire has the streets on lock then so be it....its ok. However, they should've included this, and a few others. More on this troubling development soon.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


It's hot out this bitch....that's a good enough reason..... Posted by Picasa

"In the hood summertime is the killing season/it's hot out this bitch/that's a good enough reason.
" - 50 Cent, 'Heat'

Unfortunately, Brick City, NJ police took the abovementioned line to heart as they alledgedly murdered a[handcuffed] dope front of little kids in broad daylight. Yup, they're "down for that daytime action."

Hip Hop Generation + Epic 1983 movie = SCARFACE video game.

I never really respected Rhymefest before...but after reading this,he may deserve some shine....for God's sake, the man used to clean sh*t off the walls for a living!

Don't you dare try and feed the homeless in Las Vegas! You might catch a case for such vile actions.......

Lupe, Styles P., Rhymefest, and several miscelleaneous, irrelevant rappers will perform at AHH's show next week. Will Mr. Kick Push redeem himself from his aforementioned NYC performance blunder?

In other news, legendary rapper Tupac Shakur is going back to Africa. [for real]

On the heels of the Tour de France steroid f*ckup...apparently the World's Fastest man isn't that fast either. What's wrong with these U.S athletes? WTF....

Furthermore, yeah we know that THE GAME is no longer on AFTERMATH, however keep in mind that GEFFEN[ as well as AFTERMATH] is a subsidiary of INTERSCOPE records. In hindsight, it's not really that big of a move. 50 CENT, G-UNIT enthusiasts, internet thugs and others are hyping this up way more than it really should be. With GAME's move to GEFFEN he has ample opportunity to work with DRE,[remember, INTERSCOPE is the parent label]is less affiliated with G-UNIT, and can focus on building his BlackWallStreet imprint and crafting his new album. I am in no way trying to take sides and defend THE GAME or take away from G-UNIT.

However, if I were to take the end....I'd have to pick......G-UNIT all day f*ckers....they get it