Wednesday, August 02, 2006


This T.R.A.P Star is making sh*t happen..... Posted by Picasa

T.I + Denzel Washington = probably has Samuel J. Jackson saying,

Mr. Kick Push has some more to say......

Rush Limbaugh believes the massacred Lebanese children are getting what they deserve. What a surprise......

Not only did Sha Money XL co-found G-UNIT, the man use to play piano at Carnegie Hall....

N. Korea. Israel. Iran. U.S. Pakistan......all of these countries have NUKES. Next up.... Nigeria?

If you are a Black victim of Katrina and are trying to find a home....if you use the terms 'shawty' or 'whodi'......unfortunately, you just might not be able to purchase a house.

XXL magazine is very mistaken. The September issues compiles the "20 Greatest Street Albums/Mixtapes of all time. Unfortunately, all of these 'mixtapes' were CDs and not tapes. The brand new 'rap dudes' at XXL need to dig in the crates a me old school. Yeah, I agree with the Dipset, 50 Cent, et al. choices. I'm not from the South, but if Chamillionaire has the streets on lock then so be it....its ok. However, they should've included this, and a few others. More on this troubling development soon.

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