Thursday, August 03, 2006


Will you ever purchase an album from this man again? Seriously... Posted by Picasa

50 Million Dollars? Rumor[I repeat...Rumor] has it that's what it took to have THE GAME leave aftermath for Geffen...go figure.

Ghostface ft. AG = Crunchtime.....I wish video games had dope tracks like this when I was a*t

Iraq. Katrina. 9/11. Enron. . Patriot Act....too bad the Democrats don't have any spine when it comes to the GOP...but if this guy leaves the party....then the Dems are really pussies.

The world is definitely coming to an end: Yung Joc nominated for MTV VMA AWARD....what did we do to deserve this?

Immortal Technique and conspiracy theorists everywhere might be on to something....the U.S government just might have really shot down United 93 on 9/11....

BUYER BEWARE: Mos Def's new album, True Magic will be dropping this fall [in addition to Mos Def Converse kicks]. Although I am a fan of the New Danger, a majority of the buying public believed his sophomore effort(after a six year hiatus) was atrocious. Therefore, before you attempt to purchase this album, be sure to PREVIEW the tracks to assess whether the Mighty Mos is on some Black on Both Sides sh*t or the posthumous Jack Johnson sh*t. Unfortunately, Mr. Mos has been providing the latter to the dismay of many of his [former] fans. Will True Magic enable Mos to reclaim his BACKPACKER pass and be received by the hip-hop heads in the underground hip-hop scence? Or has Mos' experience in: rock, film, theatre, and Yukon Denali commercials forced him to transcend the genre he helped to create? With that said, I am still a Mos Def supporter and will purchase True Magic, just like my purchases of Black on Both Sides and New Danger. But, the question remains...will you be[and many others] be leaving said album on the shelf?

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