Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Is hip-hop still hungry for G-UNIT? Posted by Picasa

G-Unit monopoly crumbling? Not enough people put their Hands Up.....The Rotten Apple pushed back.....AGAIN.

I am elated that this fake GOP Senator lost the race.....too bad fort this radical Congresswoman...

My goodness...I've heard about Mos Def doing this, but damn....say it ain't so....why can't they be like Allen Houston?

How f*cking stupid can we be......more than half of adults in United States still believes Iraq had WMDs...WTF?

So who is the richest mogul in hip-hop, Diddy, Jigga, or Fifty? Where's Jimmy Iovine?

Saigon is killing, 'The Corner'.......if
The Greatest Story Never Told sounds like this....there is still hope for 06'.

After you rape and kill a young Iraqi girl....why not just grill some chicken wings?

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Anonymous said...

I can think of many words to describe Cynthia McKinney but "radical" is not one

Lieberman>Lamont I think most voters were mad at Lieberman for kissing the president(aka voting for the Iraq War) so thier vote was more a vote against Lieberman than a vote for Lamont, I think Lieberman will win as an Independent but who knows