Thursday, August 24, 2006


Stop Snitching Bitches! Posted by Picasa

NY Times columnist, Bob Herbert, rips into the hood philosophy of Stop Snitching.....

Jay-Z .vs. Beanie Siegal
is starting to become more and more credible.....TakeOver Pt. 2?

Who needs condoms when you have this for sale? [what has the world come]

Fu*k rap beef....we know Macho Man dissed Hulk Hogan on wax...but the Ugandan giant Kamala got tracks! WTF?

Al Sharpton + Bill Cosby = Fu*k Hip Hop.....well sort of...

As the one year anniversary of 'Katrina' is upon us....we remember what really happened.

Though to some, the "Stop Snitchin" campaign is old news, Bob Herbert's editorial concerning the controversial philosophy illustrates how this mentality has garnered nationwide attention. Nonwithstanding the Busta Rhymes shooting incident, escalating murder rates in innner cities coupled with lambasting from political figures, one is left to wonder who is to blame for this mentality? Is it ignorance, the prevalance of gangsta rap, crooked cops, or a combination of all said factors? As Bill Cosby and other more conservative members of the Black community continue to address problems within "Black America" and the hip-hop community, is there a way to defend this mentality that has pervaded ''Ghetto America?'' Some believe we should "Start Snitching."In a recent XXL issue, myriad rappers attempted to explain the importance of not snitching, but in my opinion many have confused snitching with justice. If you incriminate an associate to receive a lighter sentence or mitigated punishment that is SNITCHING. However, assisting authorities in convicting a guilty individual that harms innocent people is administering JUSTICE. As the Stop Snitching campaign continues to be glorified, one is left to wonder if this state of mind will ever cease or whether this is truly the spawning of a new movement. Whatever the case may be, one way or another, it seems as if countless crimes[i.e the murder of Israel Ramirez, Tupac, Biggie, JMJ, et al.] will continue to be unsolved in the inner cities across America.

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