Wednesday, February 08, 2006


It's all poison...... Posted by Picasa

If you are a fan of Nonfictional Fantasies, then it is very apparent that I love Hip -Hop.

However, this week is making me say, F*CK HIP HOP, or at least the ignorant imbeciles that currently comprise the neo-Hip-Hop community.

This week's slaying of Busta Rhymes' bodyguard (apparently over a really whack Cassidy and 50 Cent beef) is extremely appalling.

Can't these egocentric, emotional, premadonna rappers complete a simple video shoot and make more money off of the ignorant consumer-driven masses without killing each other ?

In addition, now Busta Rhymes "won't snitch" or talk to the cops ?"The sh*ts' disgusting." --Cam'ron

The day after Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was ridiculed by the Senate for maintaining the hegemonic elite's (White House) spy program....all of a sudden there is a new TERROR SCARE ! Isn't that convenient !
"It's all poison." --- Nas

With respect to Nas, apparently he is going to "air out" Cam'ron during a televised interview on BET (or MTV).....Yeeaahh more rap beef !

Even more rap beef.....The Lox are really going at 50 Cent with this one...very creative....."I'm Sorry Ms. Jackson"

R.I.P Corretta Scott King. (Nice video recap of the funeral) However, some of the "important" guests at your funeral were hypocrites and are against what you and your husband worked so hard to achieve.

Stream the Clinton Sparks and Kanye West "Touch The Sky" Mixtape.

With respect to this week and abject state of affairs in hip-hop, The [rap] Game Needs J.A.M.E.S.

In closing, R.I.P Big Pun--- "Off Tha Books"--- Beatnuts feat. Big Pun & Cuban Link

Friday, February 03, 2006


Even though Junior Mafia whooped my ass....I'm still Capo Status, talk tough and do tough things!!! Posted by Picasa

Wow. I gave up on this blog sh*t, but after numerous complaints and angry emails, I have returned to enlighten the internet masses concerned with hip-hop, current events, and other BS.

As I read Bob Herbert's recent Op-ed, 'The Lost Children', with groups of Black and Latino high school students....they were scared sh*tless.....You Should Be Too!

With that it mind, rumor has it that Nas plans to release a new album called,NIGGER! WTF!

Well, many individuals in the Black community claim that Rep. Harold Ford is an Uncle Tomafter reading this....maybe they have a point.

Now, the world must definitely be coming to end when 'Stephanie Tanner' from "Full House" is
on drugs.

He's back B*tch! Dave Chappelle explains why he vanished from the limelight.

It's a coup ! Initially, Cam'ron took shots at Jay-Z. Now Crackehad X takes aim at Prez Hova !

Calling out names! Spike Lee calls out Snoop Dogg for being a pimp......

Interesting recap of George Bush's 'State of Delusion'.

50's back at it. 'Not Rich, Stop Lyin'. 50 goes hard at The Game.

I really believe that the Western world done fuc*ed up now! From bombs....

New (but choppy) footage of Jim Jones getting jumped by Junior Mafia at the Rucker. AyAyAy!