Friday, February 03, 2006


Even though Junior Mafia whooped my ass....I'm still Capo Status, talk tough and do tough things!!! Posted by Picasa

Wow. I gave up on this blog sh*t, but after numerous complaints and angry emails, I have returned to enlighten the internet masses concerned with hip-hop, current events, and other BS.

As I read Bob Herbert's recent Op-ed, 'The Lost Children', with groups of Black and Latino high school students....they were scared sh*tless.....You Should Be Too!

With that it mind, rumor has it that Nas plans to release a new album called,NIGGER! WTF!

Well, many individuals in the Black community claim that Rep. Harold Ford is an Uncle Tomafter reading this....maybe they have a point.

Now, the world must definitely be coming to end when 'Stephanie Tanner' from "Full House" is
on drugs.

He's back B*tch! Dave Chappelle explains why he vanished from the limelight.

It's a coup ! Initially, Cam'ron took shots at Jay-Z. Now Crackehad X takes aim at Prez Hova !

Calling out names! Spike Lee calls out Snoop Dogg for being a pimp......

Interesting recap of George Bush's 'State of Delusion'.

50's back at it. 'Not Rich, Stop Lyin'. 50 goes hard at The Game.

I really believe that the Western world done fuc*ed up now! From bombs....

New (but choppy) footage of Jim Jones getting jumped by Junior Mafia at the Rucker. AyAyAy!

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