Friday, December 30, 2005



In anticipation of HipHopSite's Best and Worst List.....I have compiled a list of the Top 7 "Gayest Rap Lyrics of 2005".

With respect to HipHopSite's reasoning for the list....."With all of these rappers walking around tattooed and shirtless, it was only a matter of time before their secret homo-erotic fantasies were revealed in their lyrics – and you don't even have to play them backwards (or from behind) to hear them!"

Though the concept might seem ignorant....let's see if any of my findings make it to their list.

Top 7 "Gayest Rap Lyrics of 2005"

7) "Right now….y’all niggaz is looking like fucking food to me/ and believe me baby….I got a motherfucking appetite you wouldn’t believe"…Loon from "Dildo Hopper"

6) "I read somewhere, I'm homophobic shit/Go through the hood, there's mad niggaz on my dick….” 50 Cent from "Ryder Music"(The Massacre)

5) " Walking through the forest he will show you porno mags/ you can beat his dick while he sucks your cuz he’s a fag"...Eminem from "Dirty Steve" (Clinton Sparks Anger Management Mixtape)

4)" Piss in your mouth and burn your promotional van/Come to your wake and slap all 3 of your fans/Drive him through North Philly, Brooklyn and Yonkers/How it feel to get fucked all the way from Compton"...... Game from " Kiss Ya Ass Goodbye Extended Remix"

3) "Look ice drippin on my neck, hands grippin on a tec/Fool trippin threw a set, you can get yo' ass wet…” 50 Cent from "Ryder Music"

2) "Once again it's the kid yeah eat a dick/pick up the nuts boy/ lick up til you hiccup".....Eminem from Clinton Sparks - Anger Management "Intro"

1) "Running your mouth, before I shit all in it/All y'all ass, and I'm about to dig all in it (eww!).... Beanie Siegel from the " Kiss Ya Ass Goodbye Remix"

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