Saturday, December 10, 2005


R.I.P Richard.... Posted by Picasa

Rest in Peace Richard Pryor....from Eddie Murphy to Chris Rock to Dave Chappelle.... their style were heavily influenced by this "iconoclastic comedian".

50 Cent says your a Window Shopper......... Loon says Mase and 50 are Dildo Hoppers.

Though the Lox and Diddy had their dispute over publishing......they've finally settled the score.

According to Spine, this is Mike Jones' biggest fan.....

Amazing track from the Originator, Jaz-O, Be There. Plus, read his controversial interview on HHG.

And by the way, "just what planet is Bill Clinton living on anyway?"

Howard Dean makes very controversial comments, but should he be arrested for treason ?

Time is running out for Tookie, so maybe Tookie Williams should die ?

G-UNIT can't be stopped ! Well, actually they can... by Canadian Immigration...

Kanye, Mariah, and.... Sen. Barack Obama are nominated for Grammys ? WTF

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