Friday, December 02, 2005


The Source's Days are numbered..... Posted by Picasa

Will someone please dismember the Source(Sauce) Magazine and put them out of it's misery. This Benzino sex scandal is ridiculous.....

Welcome to Jamrock...... I may be late, but this Damian Marley album is pretty damn good.

Is is true that New Orleans is barring Blacks from entering? Is the city really "becoming more White?"

Another mystery revealed ! Now the world knows why Jay-Z is so shy in real life !

50 Cent sells music, movies, clothes, books, Vitamin Water, video games, and Vibrators and condoms ????

Black Republican Lt. Gov,Michael Steele, is running for Senate. Recently, he was
pelted with Oreo cookies at a political least Bush just gave Steele half a million dollars. Maybe, he'll finally get some respect from his peers.

Will Tupac's lyrics be published in the National Archives ? The Congressional debate over Pac....

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The Humanity Critic said...

I agree, the Source is an absolute embarrassment. Great post.