Thursday, August 10, 2006


Pause...just because I'm going to StreetWear HQ....I won't come back rocking fruity colors and stuffed animals... Posted by Picasa

According to my humble observations, most of these internet whores[bloggers] don't ever leave their homes....EVER. Fortunately, I am unlike my counterparts and will shortly be departing for Hong Kong. With that said, expect frequent[yet sporadic] posts from the Far East , but continue to visit us at NonFictional Fantasies...

Just when your about to hit the airport....great......TERROR strikes....I smell an election year...

Conversely, maybe I chose the WRONG destination......

The Diddy/BAD BOY RECORDS curse victim.....Choppa?

Apparently....the majority of casualties in the Israeli-Lebanese war are.......children.

It looks like the crack habit just happens to run in the MAN's family..........

Furthermore, in HK I will have so much access to exclusive BAPEs and STREETWEAR that the Hypebeast skaternerds will turn green with

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Anonymous said...

"I smell an election year..."

I think its ridiculous to believe that everytime the goverment uncovers a terrorist plot its always
a smoke screen (aka politics as usual) Did the trains not get bombed in the UK? Do you think some ppl do not want to blow up commercial airliners (especially American and/or UK airlines) ? I dont think they would pull this shit and cause this much grief and aggravation,time,money,and incionvenience to the stock market ,airports,air travelers (including ones outside the UK) if there was not some proof that an attack was imminent

If the goverment doesnt protect the ppl then the goverment let it happen, or was part of the plot
If they say hey we uncovered a plot then its a lie
and created for some kind of political gain