Friday, August 18, 2006


Apologies for the sporadic posting.......Great Wall of China is also the sh*t.....

Some think the U.S should stop bitching about
China's military spending....

Kanye West + Just Blaze + Scott Storch + Swizz Beats +TRINA[?] = A waste of time,
talent, and money.......

Judge Mathis knows that
"MINORITIES'' will soon become the majority in the U.S, but why are said minorities lagging in elite NYC high schools?

Listening to too much gospel and techno
[not HIP-HOP] increases risks of becoming HIV positive. WTF?

Clinton Sparks' last Touch the Sky
mixtape was garbage, now maybe 50 Cent can help him move units....

As if living off of Biggie's legacy wasn't we have to
hear Puffy sing...... Next stop.....HK

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