Wednesday, August 30, 2006


We won't stop pissing because we can't stop pissing. Posted by Picasa

Last week, we watched Puffy drunk and in drag, now we get to watch him urinate. Yes, the man that cultivated Biggie's career has so much class...

Kidnap a politician's son for ransom. Shoot his wife and daughter. Next episode of The Wire? No, but that's Philly for you.....

Dave Chappelle has no regrets for leaving Comedy Central.

FOX News ratings are slipping really takes us Americans a long time to weed through the bullsh*it.

It's official....the world is coming to an end + Peedi Peedi IS joining The Roots.

CNN Cafferty shows us that Katrina may've been the 'defining moment of the Bush presidency.

50 Cent was wrong. Fat Joe wasn't forced to move to the artists' graveyard(Koch) he went to Virgin.

In celebration of The Roots' Game Theory release...listen to J.Period's, Best of The Roots.

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