Friday, August 25, 2006


$1 Billion Man. Posted by Picasa

F*ck Papoose.....Lebron's raping the NBA til' he's the BILLION dollar man.

2006? Nope it's 1956, now get to the back of the bus darkie!

Since nobody was willing to pay[j/k]......Talib Kweli will be performing for
free in NYC.

Proof that you people reading this at "work"....really don't do ANY work at all.[lol]

G-Unit's MOP, Mase, Olivia, et al. will never see the light of's all about Hot Rod?

A Utah GOP State Senator believes Brown v. Board decision was "wrong to begin with".

8.25.06 - 8.25.81 = 25....damn...maybe I'm getting too old for this sh*t........

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