Tuesday, August 01, 2006


It's hot out this bitch....that's a good enough reason..... Posted by Picasa

"In the hood summertime is the killing season/it's hot out this bitch/that's a good enough reason.
" - 50 Cent, 'Heat'

Unfortunately, Brick City, NJ police took the abovementioned line to heart as they alledgedly murdered a[handcuffed] dope dealer....in front of little kids in broad daylight. Yup, they're "down for that daytime action."

Hip Hop Generation + Epic 1983 movie = SCARFACE video game.

I never really respected Rhymefest before...but after reading this,he may deserve some shine....for God's sake, the man used to clean sh*t off the walls for a living!

Don't you dare try and feed the homeless in Las Vegas! You might catch a case for such vile actions.......

Lupe, Styles P., Rhymefest, and several miscelleaneous, irrelevant rappers will perform at AHH's show next week. Will Mr. Kick Push redeem himself from his aforementioned NYC performance blunder?

In other news, legendary rapper Tupac Shakur is going back to Africa. [for real]

On the heels of the Tour de France steroid f*ckup...apparently the World's Fastest man isn't that fast either. What's wrong with these U.S athletes? WTF....

Furthermore, yeah we know that THE GAME is no longer on AFTERMATH, however keep in mind that GEFFEN[ as well as AFTERMATH] is a subsidiary of INTERSCOPE records. In hindsight, it's not really that big of a move. 50 CENT, G-UNIT enthusiasts, internet thugs and others are hyping this up way more than it really should be. With GAME's move to GEFFEN he has ample opportunity to work with DRE,[remember, INTERSCOPE is the parent label]is less affiliated with G-UNIT, and can focus on building his BlackWallStreet imprint and crafting his new album. I am in no way trying to take sides and defend THE GAME or take away from G-UNIT.

However, if I were to take sides...in the end....I'd have to pick......G-UNIT all day f*ckers....they get it poppin...lol.

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