Monday, July 31, 2006


I am out of 'My Mind'.... Posted by Picasa

Voyage to Hong Kong is in my immediate future.....we will see the scene over there in the coming weeks.....

Haven't heard all of Pharell's new album yet, but why wasn't Int'l Swagger the first single?....Nonwithstanding the appearance from Kanye, but Number One is not going to move units.

Nontheless, Kanye's new video for Grammy Family is pretty tough as well........

Despo Rutti is GANGSTA....don't understand everything he's saying, but in French rapper,DESPO's video, ARRETEZ, he murders none other than......... 50 CENT? [fast forward to the 2:30 min. mark]

Israel decides to stop murdering innocent Lebanese people for 48 hrs[and ticking]...though U.S Ambassador, Bolton is opposed to a truce? WTF?

Jay-Z, Game, et al. featured on new Nas album, Hip-Hop is Dead.....this is the "tentative" tracklisting.

Maybe, Mobb Deep will get their 'swagger' back as they travel abroad on tour.......

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