Thursday, July 27, 2006


America + Israel .vs. Lebanon = Holy War Posted by Picasa

Niggaz Done Started Something: Does it surprise you that Al-Quaeda is now waging a holy war against Israel?

The real
casualties of the Israeli-Lebanese war are...women and children(note: viewer discretion advised when clicking link).... this is how terrorism is created.

F**k 50 Cent....the Doctor's Advocate is now teaming up with Godson for his prospective LP...

Meanwhile, as The Game holla's 'One Blood'.....NJ officials complete largest ever arrest of Bloods' 93 Gangsters set in the state's history.

A Tribe Called Quest is on an Award Tour.....for real....

Someone has finally figured out why Black people distrust the Republican party.....

Rick Ross explains Miami....Chevys Ridin' High...and how to whip it real hard(pause...)

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