Friday, July 21, 2006


Paul Wall says: "Bling Responsibly.'' Posted by Picasa

"They call me the political rapper..even after I tell em' I don't fuc* w/politics....I don't even follow it." ~Talib Kweli,
Beautiful Struggle

Nonwithstanding the abovementioned quote....Talib weighs in on the Israeli-Lebanese debacle.

By the way, WTF did happen to Diddy's VOTE or DIE ?????? Where they be at? lol.......

Paul Wall[
Gangsta Grill extraordinaire] et al. travel to Sierra Leone to visit conflict Diamond mines??? WTF? This may seem like an odd juxtaposition, nevertheless everyone should be very proud Paul Wall, et al.

In attempt to court Black voters at an NAACP convention, Mr. Bush gets 'heckled' by spectators.(view video)

Shaq. Kobe. A.I. ....These NBA players tried to rap, but sucked. However, as this one opens up for Fat Joe this summer.....he's taken NBA rapping to an all time

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