Thursday, November 02, 2006


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Extra early review of The Game's forthcoming LP, The Doctor's Advocate.[ do I smell sophomore jinx....]

50 Cent + Deniro = New Orleans aka 50 Cent playing 5-0.....not a good loof for the team....

Also, either John Kerry is a real idiot or was paid a gazillion $$$ to give the G.O.P more ammunition against the Dems less than one week before the midterm elections...some one needs to tell him to Shut The F*ck Up!.

Is it just me.....or isn't Method Man really pissed that his boss was given the cover of XXL and the subheading, Presidential MC. [title track off of Mr. Meth's new album that Def Jam failed to push because Hov was readying his return to the limelight.......]

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