Wednesday, December 20, 2006


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With over a decade of experience in the rap game, 8Ball and MJG are unlike most rappers. Despite their unique and original style, they have accomplished feats that most brand new artists would dream of - being fresh, consistent, and most important of all, maintaining relevancy. The rap game has changed greatly since 8Ball and MJG’s premier album, Comin’ Out Hard, debuted in 1993. The Dirty South runs hip-hop. Rap artists function as CEOs and manage multi-million dollar record labels. However, in the early 90s, many rappers didn’t know how to evade the pitfalls of signing bogus recording contracts and were perpetually “jerked” by labels. This is the era that 8Ball came from; nevertheless, 8Ball seems to have great foresight and has become adept at changing with the game.

As well as being featured on one of the biggest records of 2005, “Stay Fly”, 8Ball can add another great accomplishment to his resume, the launch of his own label, 8Ways Entertainment. As his counterpart, MJG, launches MJG Muzik, 8Ball has grandiose visions for his new company. 8Ball hopes to “have an artist on [his] label that could be the next Alicia Keys or Wu-Tang Clan.” Yo! Raps Magazine recently had the opportunity to sit down with 8Ball to discuss his upcoming film, what it’s like to work with Diddy, and why it took so long for the Dirty South to gain popularity. Life may be hard out here for a pimp, but 8Ball is still ridin’ high.

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