Monday, December 18, 2006


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I've just received word that "Mr. Hip-Hop Is Dead", NAS, just concluded his "Secret" promotional concert[at Webster Hall in Manhattan]. Unfortunately, to the dismay of most knowledgeable fans, his show was a measly THIRTY MINUTES.....that doesn't sound like Hip-Hop is alive to me man...Maybe Mr. Jones is conserving his energy for this Friday's doubleheader concert at Times Square? Contrarily, maybe it was just another crummy Hot 97 event where the majority of the concertgoers have no idea what to expect and are satisfied with a subpar showing? Whatever the case may be, the outcome is very depressing and disappointing. Fans pay up to $30 for a show and are only entertained for half an hour? Hip-Hop Is Dead...Corporate Hip-Hop is Alive and running, it seems as if Nas proved his own point.

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marlon bando said...

eric you update the site once a week and this is the kind of malarkey you decide to write? ok nas had a 30 min show so now hes coprate hip hop its not enough that he came out with a dope album that has no radio ready garbage on it I.e. (show me what you got, hollywood, and that god-awful collarboration with usher all on your man jay-z's comeback album) now he has to breakdance and freestyle until 6 AM for him to be hip hop... your reaching. the only thing you can take-away from this post is that your fox news like hater-vision is now directed at nas for some reason.