Monday, October 23, 2006


To all Nonfictional Fantasies readers and supporters...I've added a new dimension to my blogging....Journalism...

This article is presented by none other than yours truly....normally Tech N9ne wouldn't be my personal cup of tea, but I wrote it.

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Eclectic. Abnormal. Unique. Original. These are but few words that exemplify the unusual character of Mid-West rapper, Tech N9ne. As the hip-hop industry continues to be flooded with “cookie cutter” rappers that lack originality, Tech N9ne’s innovative rhyme style ensures that no one will ever be able to emulate his image. With that said, these same characteristics have helped the underground rapper gain worldwide notoriety. Though it may sound like an oxymoron, the “well known – underground” emcee has sold over half a million albums independently. However, how does one describe Tech N9ne’s music? The Kansas City native proclaims his music to be, “Hip-Hop and Hardcore Rap [mixed] with Rock energy!” Though Tech N9ne has not had an album since the 2002 release of Absolute Power, his fan base has remained loyal and is anticipating his soon to be released LP, Everready….The Religion. Has Tech N9ne’s music been known to incite riots? Sure. Has Tech N9ne recorded songs with Eminem, E-40, RZA, and Krs-One? Yes sir. Will Tech N9ne ever compromise his integrity to meet conventional industry standards? Never. Lock and load! Tech N9ne has entered the building and he is here to stay. [click here to finish the rest of the article]


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