Wednesday, October 11, 2006


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This new Hov joint, Kingdom Come, is bananas...fu*k what he's saying..this Just Blaze beat is fire!

But, while we're at it, Hov, stay the f*ck out of Asia..only I can go there.

This Rep. Foley fiasco gets better and better....

I'm out on bail.

Diddy .vs. Youtube groupies. [ you might get Ethered by the mogul.]

It just might really, really be a wrap for the Republican least for now.

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EL BANDO said...

damn man why you gettting all worked up about anonymous posts calm down your temperature is tempura hahahah. yo i never knew jay z to be on some nerd rap shit, hes fuckin superman batman and spiderman on one song, sounds like he needs to stop reading comics "fuck what he saying" eric adisa