Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Scratch magazine's November issue seems promising.[Hi-Tek....please don't abandon Kweli...he needs you....desperately.]

Maybe Lupe Fiasco is an Islamic terrorist + he thinks Hov isn't in the game for the "love" of it.

Polls show the Democrats aren't that far from recapturing the Senate. [ do I hear impeachment?]

The Game is bipolar....not only does he backpedal and take shots at 50, but he goes after Pharrell too? ["Bathing Ape shoe niggaz/ I'm talking to you niggaz"]

In addition to being bipolar, The Game is also suicidal, or it's just pre-release album hype.

As sales continue to flourish for Bob Woodward's [scathing indictment of the Bush Administration], State of Denial...maybe Woodward should see if he's in denial as well.

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