Monday, October 09, 2006


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For, the record the differences between me and fake ass anonymous posters are:

1. I have IP addresses and know who you are.
2. Hop Off internet Stan.

"I could be the king of New York right now if I wanted to be. Who is it, Jay-Z and 50, that’s it? Them my lil’ homeboys. If you wanna keep it real, I could be the King of mothaf**kin’ New York and mash on n***as"... Snoop is definitely out of his mind...

H-A-V-O-C is getting his Internet D-A-T-I-N-G much for groupies.

You must be a fu*ked up child when your parents try to UNADOPT you.

Washington Post wants to know when niggaz will stop using the infamous N-word.

Jadakiss is still locked up, then again "WHY" do we give a sh*t about these rappers.

These little kids need to take a chill pill...."13 year old fires AK-47 in MO classroom." Maybe this Congressman is on to something.

My own "Garden State" might be the integral component that determines the future of our "great" country. Who would've known?

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