Monday, September 11, 2006

Common's 'Pops' needs to borrow a dollar BADLY...

Informative and historical article depicting Common as a cheap asshole and 'Pops' as an impoverished crackhead[damn, didn't know it was THAT serious.]

"Niggaz don't set trends...they ride dicks....that's why everybody's Bloods and Crips " - 50 Cent [internet thuggin' is getting out of hand]

"Puerto Ricans are fiesty because of their mixed Black & Latino blood.." - Governor Arnold SchwarzeNazi

Oh, now I understand why the NYPD scared the sh*t out of us and made commuters run frantically like a bomb was about to go off on 9/11/06.....WTF? [sh*t was like a movie......NYC is running scared...]

After getting arrested in the Enzo last week, 50 Cent is forced to beat the sh*t out of an annoying fan.
Fu*k Colombia......Kenya got that coke!

Winky Wright vs. Jermaine Talyor part 2?

Yeah, Jay-Z is dropping another LP, Presidential Gala, in November....he's not retired...I've seen him perform 4 times in less than 2 years...blah...blah....

More and more proof that Dave Chapelle won't be coming back anytime soon...

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