Wednesday, September 06, 2006


If you really read between the lines of 'Illseed's AHH Rumor section, it looks like M.O.P won't drop an LP because one of them is strung out on DRUGS. Guess you can't blame 50?

Damn M.O.P, what ever happened to this?

I wonder what was going through the cops' mind when they arrested this guy.

1st. Afghanistan 2nd. Iraq 3rd....looks like Iran [considering French and American citizens are in favor of a U.S vs. Iran war]

To those of you that cop those fake Nikes....the feds have just dismantled the "fake Nike gang".

Guess I talk to much smack about U.S athletes because apparently Marion Jones wasn't lying......

Fall back....or Suge might have to choke a bitch.......

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