Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I Love These Guys......

Stop the presses! NonFictional Fantasies is still up and running! Unfortunately, 48 to 72 hours without updates equates to months in "blog time". Apologies for the extended Labor Day weekend/vacation......

It's official...even MTV is reporting on 50 Cent going at Puffy.

Fu*k HBO....watch Spike Lee's When The Levees Collapsed here...

Unfortunately for CBS, more sponsors are pulling out of their nouveaux Survivor series.

Things change after you win an MTV VMA......major broadcast networks[ABC] issue you public apologies.

Are Black Democrats "liberal" enough for the left?

Not only will we be able to watch the Crocodile Hunter's death on video...watch Mos Def get locked up at the VMAs..

French World Cup legend head-butted the sh*t out of that Italian jerk...but exactly what was it that set him off?

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