Friday, September 15, 2006

The Game .vs. Ras Kass?

Apparently, The Game sucker punched Ras Kass in Los Angeles last night.

"Ras Kass' career is over, Game said. " I ended it last night with one punch." [now...that's gangsta]

Jadakiss + Papoose + Talib + Raekwon + Hi-Tek = Fire! [Jada burned all of]

Damn, when secret Pentagon documents state we're losing the Iraq War....that means we are really in trouble......

In 1095 A.D, this Pope began the Crusades[holy war], now in 2006 this Pope may initiate a new one......

Tupac roundtable with Cormega, Chino XL, et al.

Ethnic conflict + 200,000 Sudanese deaths in Darfur = Genocide

Everyone loves Tupac, but if you really do....find his killer.

[Disclaimer: The above video contains some of the most ignorant sh*t you will ever see in your life. Brace yourself.]

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