Friday, May 12, 2006


F**K happened to you?!?

Rebirth. Regeneration. Reincarnation.... Hopefully these words depict the direction of this site.

Graduate School is coming to a close and I've received too much hatemail not to's only been 3-4 months???

Well, for all of you latecomers...peep the new video from the kid J.A.M.E.S

By the way...a few EONS ago I said the Bush Administration will engage in ILLUMINATI type of you realized that you're phones are tapped and satellites watch you too (i.e Google Earth)

Also, view Jack Cafferty's rant concerning the NSA PhoneTap Debacle....

When will the madness cease....damn Star...."say it ain't so."

Be All You Can Be? ... The U.S Army attempted to enlist an AUTISTIC teenager....WOW!

You know, when you live that "rough, gangsta life" in the NJ suburbs...."sometimes you either shoot or get shot." (50 Cent)

Read Lupe Fiasco Speak on the Leak......

New joints from Raekwon ripped from J-Love's newest mixtape...need more ???...see Rae perform June 9th in NYC.

Damn....maybe 50 Cent really did destroy NY Hip-Hop?

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Anonymous said...

how do you still manage to fine these halfway pro 50 cent articles? he is like george bush approval rating 20%