Friday, May 19, 2006


Eat your veggies wanksta!!! Posted by Picasa

Apparently, if you are Black and plan on attending the 06' Olympics in Germany....protect ya neck!

However, on the contrary, Leave Africa for Europe or Die Tryin'.

"Be healthy because Fast Food and soda ain't gangsta nig*a!!!" - 50 Cent

If you thought the aforementioned post was odd, Fifty visited a French dragqueen talk show?

So, the lame duck president supports the "no-homo" legislation banning Gay Cafferty's diatribe regarding the proposal.

Nas' Def-Jam debut, 'Hip-Hop is Dead', to drop in the September 06'.

Jersey Native [often described as a disappointer] jumpoff, Joe Budden will[finally] drop The Growth in October 06'

So, George Bush Jr. can't really be tied to the Nazi party....can he?

Hmm...D-Block call 50 Cent a snitch, but a Paris Hilton joint featuring Jadakiss?....maybe Jada's the bitc*h?

Watch the Da Vinci Code....NBA Playoffs....and your boy graduate..... PEACE..

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