Monday, May 22, 2006


Is Hip-Hop Dead?
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I know Hip-Hop continues to dwindle and devolve...but how do guys like this
get signed? Is this future?

This guy, Aries Spears, does an excellent impersonation of your favorite rappers.(i.e DMX, Jay-Z,etc.)

Nowadays you find crazy things on the web, but WTF is this!

Just as the Democrats prepare to retake the House from the Republican Vanguard....this dude is fu**ing up!

Jimmy Jones "talks tough and cuz he does tough things!" Apparently, so do fans at his shows.......

NOW I understand why the RICH always get richer........

Excuse me....Secretary Rice....please Get The Fu*k Outta Here!!!

Don't ask me why Costa Rica is having problems maintaing's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

Good News? Sudanese government finally allows U.N Envoys to enter the region...Will there be peace?

Farewell until next time...the real rap comes at 'Halftime'..

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