Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Well...I've posted twice in the past five days.....I guess I'm on a roll?

With Cam'ron's debut of Killa Season, some are profiling Cam's most "ridiculous outfits." Maybe people should get off of his balls.....(no mo')

Conversely, Cosby told Black females at the Spelman U. graduation to "take charge" because ALL Black men are locked up. Ouch! Is he right?

The U.S Justice dept. finally released a clip of planes hitting the Pentagon on 9/11. Maybe this will dispel the conspiracy theories?

New joint from Kanye West, "Grammy Family" could've been better Kanye.

Young Zee of the Outsidaz got shanked[literally] outside of an Ice Cube concert in NY. Get Well Soon.

Not Snitchin' Stop Lyin'
. Verizon denies complying with the Feds in the NSA wiretapping fiasco..

Speaking of shanks and NJ, apparently ruthless gangs like MS-13 are spreading to the....suburbs?

These gangs might be ruthless indeed, but this is
just cruel.....

In light of Mobb Deep's new[but questionable] G-Unit produced album,
Blood Money, peep vintage footage from the Infamous Mobb...

In closing, the return of the most INCONSISTENT (looks who's talking) albeit one of my favorite hip-hop (click link under NonFix HipHop Sites) WOW!

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