Tuesday, May 23, 2006


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Not much to discuss today......just posting to keep up with the haters.....

Jay-Z + Roots= Suprise performance last night at Radio City in NYC.....I wish I was there!

Countdown to prosecution for Rove? Time might be winding down for Karl Rove's indictment...

Speaking of countdowns... due remember J.A.M.E.S WATTS' epic mixtape Shameless Promotion Vol. 1 coming soon !

Sen. John McCain received a dismal reception from New School U. students in NYC and this student had the balls to call him out to his face.......wow!

You can call this gawdy, misguided, troublesome, horrendous, or FLOSSIN' nig*a!!!!!!!!!! (...Shyea my whip the same color as Cheetos!)

Don't talk bad about Bill Cosby....The 68-year-old Cosby jumped off stage to chase after a heckler at one of his recent public discussions!.....Bill Cosby = Gangsta!

With respect to my most recent career, I can attest to this statement.......

Considering Mobb Deep's dismal record sales....does this mean that they sold out?


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