Saturday, May 27, 2006


"My blog is impetuous. Nonfixfantasies is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious .I want to eat your children. Praise due to Allah. "Posted by Picasa

Wow...I've heard of c*ckblockers, playerhaters, but BLOGGERHATERS? It's Crazy...that's the "truth".

Beanie Sigel made "The Truth"....but is Sig lying about his recent "botched robbery/shooting"?

Lupe Fiasco's album has officially been pushed back....meanwhile listen to the 'Touch the Sky' mixtape OR see him here!

Lupe...Muslim rappers....Muslim terrorists...what about a Muslim Congressman?

If you are a peaceful gay rights activitst...don't march for equality in Moscow... you might catch a beating......

Vietnam Pt.2: Apparently, U.S soldiers have killed UNARMED Iraqi!

Considering my most recent endeavors in this test 'racist'? Some beg to differ? What do you think?

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