Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Step up your chancleta game B! Posted by Picasa

With respect to Big L,Tupac, Jay-Z, Soulja Slim, Freaky Tah, et really is LEGAL to kill rappers.

Apparently, Cam'ron's weak attack against Hov wasn't enough.......Cam vs. Jay-Z Dis Pt.2.....doesn't sound so good Cam...Birdgang Bit*h Ay !!!!

"YOU JUST CAN'T WIN!"....this week's Haditha scandal and relentless carnage may be the tipping point for the "war on terror".

If everyone is so Anti-War.....then how come noone is protesting anymore????

Is it really true that Black and Hispanic students find school more difficult than their White counterparts? Why?

To all faithful are you to your girlfriend? Do you ever cheat? Would you CUT OFF your PENIS to prove your fidelity?

Political power should be shared amongst the entire populace....even pedophiles should get to form a political party??? That's democracy right???

Stop Snitchin': From the genius author of Queens Reigns Supreme, Ethan Brown will venture into the realm of snitching in his new book, Snitch.....

Multiplatinum plaques, Porn Video Awards, beef with D-Block, Terror Squad, et al... Lloyd Banks explains his take on life and his sophomore LP, Rotten Apple.

R. Kelly
....pedophilia...urination....getting maced by the Roc.....Trapped in the fraud? WTF?

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