Tuesday, May 30, 2006


What can really be done to stop 'genocide' in Sudan? Posted by Picasa

Maybe the peace accord signed in Darfur wasn't so secure after all.

Mass Murders + Marines in Iraq = One of the worst WAR CRIMES 'since the Iraq invasion'.

G-Unit party + Guns= Paralyzed Teenager....Why is there perpetal violence at EVERY hip-hop related event?

1st) E-Z Pass. 2nd) Bush & NSA tap phones. 3rd) U.S Parents are secretly tracking their teenagers via GPS! (Drive Slow.....)

For all of you latecomers.....Raekwon is headed to Aftermath Records!

Damn, even Gilbert Arenas was arrested among 557 others in Miami! wow!

Watch Loon(though he sounds like a drunken crackhead) 'expose' Mase, claim his Crip set, and speak on NYC rappers..

Internet Thugs.....Rappers putting diss tracks on Myspace....no comment...this says it all....


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