Thursday, June 29, 2006


Hustler Musik is Fire....I'm Late.... Posted by Picasa

Things are starting to happen very fast this summer.[by the way] to you haters....I got my DEGREE bitches!!!!! [ Suck on that]

Anyway, the Supreme Court decided that the internment camps at Guantanamo are illegal...but will the prisoners get FREE? I don't think so....

Are these secret detention camps really helping in the fight against terror? Some beg to differ...

Speaking of free, Lil' Kim will be released from prison this week..Dj Quick is going to jail this week, but I still think this guy should be in PRISON.

50 Cent is a beast..look at what good Photoshop work can do to THE

Oh, I almost the Dark Man is going under the bing as well.....and these are the guys we look up to????

Going to prison is real real might wake up with a LIGHT BULB UP YOUR ASS! (no

So, if you get caught stealing liks during the KATRINA'll do more time than murderers???

I've never been much of a Lil' Wayne (maybe it's my inherent anti-South/East Coast rap mentality), but after hearing Hustler Musik....I'm sorry, but this ish is pretty dope.....


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