Sunday, June 04, 2006


Yung Joc: "It's going down....right?" Posted by Picasa

Shouts to "Big R" from for the link and mention of Nonfictional Fantasies!

With that said,Tony Yayo & Co..most likely assassinated Busta Rhymes' bodyguard(yeah I said it bit*h) so....
Start Snitchin or Your Dyin'

Speaking of assassination....someone needs to assassinate Yung Joc's career.....Puffy should be ashamed to support such trash on the mic....Biggie is definitely rolling over in his grave over this sh*t.

Seriously, how many Youngs can there be?(Young[Jay-Z)Young Chris, Young Jeezy, Yung Joc, Young Buck, Young Dro,Young MC...what's next Young Generic?)

Will unyielding racism mar the 2006 World Cup? It looks like it may....................

Marc Ecko owns Avirex, Complex Mag,Ecko Unltd., G-Unit Clothing....why not own The Source!

Though U.S troops have been acquitted of wrongdoing in the Ishaqi massacre in Iraq.....sentiments of a military cover-up are echoing globally....

Additionally, view tragic, horrid, and
VERY GRAPHIC pix of Iraqi victims from March 06's Ishaqi massacre in Iraq.

This is war is too depressing...maybe if I was a soldier I'd go AWOL if troops were kicking decapitated I
raqi heads like soccer balls! WTF!

A damning biblical omen to all popular Black rappers (+ Eminem) portayed in!

Wack rappers get superficial shine, the youth isn't idealistic enough[I repeat] to implement social change in America....this is a travesty....this is a'm out.....

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