Thursday, October 20, 2005


Y'all haters are Emotional.... Posted by Picasa

Don't you understand ? We are witnessing the end of an era with respect to music and government.

It's All Over....indeed.....New track that I'm feeling from Jin (The Emcee) off of "Emcee's Properganda."

So, The Source (Sauce) magazine really put the nail in their own coffin this week.

Also, in accordance with my last post about the fledgling Bush government...there will be few survivors.

Locked Up? Former GOP House Majority Leader, Tom Delay, has a warrant for his ARREST!

The federal investigation of the White House/CIA leak is coming to a close this week.

Who will be indicted? Karl Rove? Dick Cheney? or Scooter Libby? Someone is going down soon?

Wouldn't it be funny if Bush was left alone to run the country....Chris Matthews explains how this may become a reality in the next few weeks. (Remember where you heard it first.)

Then again, maybe there's not so much to get excited about.

So now that the Republican vice grip on our government weakening.....back to the hip-hop.

Recently, the Source magazine released a new issue attacking 50 Cent and G-Unit.

The Source claims they are still an "objective" publication, but Chris Lighty and others beg to differ.

They also published a story concerning Hot 97's Payola scandal and Funk Flex aired them out !

Nas to join forces with Jay-Z at Def Jam? Finally....

Saddam Hussein is going out blasting like Scarface. He fought security at his trial...and won.

In closing, Bush Supporters Don't Care About Kanye West !

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